No-Sew-15 Minute-Thriftiest-Easiest-Table-Runner. Ever.

Wow, now that’s a title! I sat down to write this post and tried to think of something to sum this up. Burlap Runner just didn’t cut it;) This is CRAZY easy, sooo inexpensive, hardly involves any materials other than the burlap, and takes no time at all to make. Hence, my wacky title;) I’ve been wanting to make a burlap runner since even way before the dining room makeover. I always thought about making a hemmed one, like the curtains I made for the room forever ago (using my trusty Stitch Witchery of course – we know sewing machines and I are not BFFs). But I love the whole rustic-y look right now, and the thought of leaving the edges alone was just waaayy too easy to pass up;)

I’m pretty wacky myself, so this title seems just right.;)

Are you ready for the materials you will need? It’s QUITE the list. Get your pencils ready. Here we go:
1. burlap
2. scissors

WHEW! I’m exhausted.

And are you ready for the complicated instructions? I’ll walk you through it, I promise.

1. Buy burlap. (Know how much you need so you can buy accordingly. I bought mine at JoAnn’s, used my coupon, so my total was $6 for 3 yards!! Told ya it was a thrifty project!)

2. Cut it the length and width you’d like for your table.
3. Pull a thread from one of the sides.

4. Keep pulling until the frayed edges are as long as you want.

5. Trim some off if you’ve gone fray-crazy!
6. Repeat on all 4 sides.
7. Bask in your craftiness at making your own table runner!

Can you handle all those difficult steps?! hehehe;)

The frayed sides aren’t going anywhere so far, but if you like, apply some Fray Check to the edges to keep it in place. Also, I’ve heard Mod Podge also works to keep it from fraying more. And dries clear!

Oh, and here’s a Fun fact: Pottery Barn makes (or at least used to) a Halloween inspired burlap runner with black spooky images all over it – so you can jazz this bad boy up any which way you like! Or perhaps some words on it, in white or red for a Christmas-y one (joy, peace, etc)…Have fun with it! I mean, at six bucks a pop and mere minutes to make, you could make one for any occasion!

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