My Favorite Hour of the Day

I took an informal Facebook poll a while back. Who likes to wake up early before the rest of their families, enjoy some quiet, maybe a hot cup of coffee (what’s THAT like?!), have some time to themselves before the day begins, and who rolls out of bed with the first call for “Mommy!” and gets thrown into the chaos quicker than one can pull on a robe?

I’ve always been the latter, probably because I have three small children, and let’s face it, sleep is precious. I mean, do you remember my post from last summer, Our Early Bird?

Waking up an hour before him would have been downright painful.

But good news, sleep deprived moms of little ones: they do eventually start to “sleep in” (I use the term relatively of course;). Now our kids wake up at 7, and giving myself an hour of Me Time in the morning isn’t such an absurd idea anymore.

So I gave it a shot one day, especially after reading the comments on my Facebook page that showed it was a popular choice with a lot of readers.

I loved it.

I turned on my computer, checked my email, responded to a few readers’ inquiries.

I drank hot coffee. (It’s delicious by the way;)

I curled up on the couch, with just the soft glow from a lamp and read several daily devotionals…in total quiet.

It was delightful.

Do I do it every day? Sadly, no. As much as I love it, some days sleep just wins. Any mom can attest to that, right? I don’t care if it’s 10 extra minutes or 100, sleep is a beautiful thing.

But the days I do, I feel calmer, more ready to face the crazy day ahead. I love that hour and how it mentally prepares me. Who knows, maybe I’ll even start doing yoga too….

…baby steps, people, baby steps;)

{‘Course, I did discover that Oprah’s network airs reruns of The Nate Berkus Show from 6-7am, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that’ll win over yoga. Nate trumps pretty much anything, am I right?}.

So which one are you? Early riser or thrown to the wolves? And if you don’t grab a quiet hour first thing in the morning, do you have a favorite way to decompress or relax…find that oh-so-precious me time? I’d love to hear it!

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