My Father, The Fairy

My dad is an intimidating man. He’s known for his firm handshake, loud voice, loud presence. Growing up, my boyfriends always said they thought their hand would break off when he shook it. When my siblings and I would misbehave, all my mom had to say was, “Just wait until your father comes home,” and we’d whip back into shape faster than you could blink. He wanted us to be respectful, first and foremost, not EVER be flip, and don’t do anything half-way. He’s an old school kind of guy. You don’t mess with him. If you’re sitting in his chair when he gets home from work, you GET UP. If he tells you to eat your veggies, well, not only will you eat them, but you will ENJOY them.

This was the man I grew up with. And as intimidating as he was, I never for a second stopped thinking he was the greatest man alive. For as hard as he disciplined, he loved 1 zillion times harder. He was our biggest fan. He was the only dad on ALL the field trips. He was embarrassing, loud, and an awkward teenage girl’s nightmare, but as a grown up, I see just how awesome he was, and is. And that tough, intimidating man who scares the you-know-what out of people? These days he can be seen donning fairy wings and learning how to fly like a fairy, from his favorite 5 year old in the entire universe…

This is one of my favorite stories. Ever. One day not long ago, my daughter (who lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes fairies), was teaching my dad all about her favorite subject. He asked her if she would someday teach him how to fly like a fairy, and she said, “But you don’t have wings, Dad Dad.” DUH. So a couple days later, on one of those freak gorgeous January days, that Maryland doesn’t typically get, there was a knock at the door. In walks my dad, the very same tough, intimidating man I told you about, wearing white glittery fairy wings. He was ready for his flying lessons.

The look on my daughter’s face was priceless.

She grabbed her “Magikel Fairy Dust” (aka glitter in a Kraft Parmesan Cheese container) and they headed outside.

The funny thing is, Dad went to a party store, and asked one of the workers to help him try these on, then wore them in line, in the parking lot, in the car, and to our house. In wings. Glittery wings. 67 year old man. All to make his granddaughter happy. I love it.

So they ‘flew and flew’ until the pixie dust was all gone. Dad went home, and I told Reese she had a very special granddad. She was still smiling, and said, “I know, Mommy.”

Oh, and when we visit, should one of my kids ever sit in Dad’s chair when he comes home from work, know what he does?

He sits somewhere else.



  1. What a wonderful story, brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

  2. Christina Kwasniak says:

    What an awesome story! I just lost my dad last month and he was very close with my 3 year old, well, all his grandchildren really. This sounds like something he would’ve done. Thank you for sharing. He sounds lovely.

  3. Lynn Haag says:

    Your children are very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents 🙂 Our daughters only living grandparents live in Calif. but they are the same way w/ her when we visit. Too cute, eh?

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