My $13 and 3 Minute Ugly Light Fix

Before I begin, I have to admit – I cannot take an ounce of credit for this home improvement (and WHAT an improvement it is!) project. I’ve seen it done all over Pinterest, in fact, I think that’s where my neighbor saw the idea (and I stole it from her!;). You see, we have identical houses, so we were both equally blessed with the lovely boob lights all over the place…

I don’t mean to sound crude or anything, but come on. Gotta call a spade a spade, am I right?

Now, this one’s in the back end of the hallway, so it’s not totally glaring in your face…unless you’re me. Then it glares you in the face non.stop. It stares at me. Taunts me. All. day. long. It’s gold and brown and there’s grapevines. GRAPEVINES. So when I saw how my neighbor spruced hers up with just a cute lamp shade from Target, I had to give it a shot, especially when I saw this large linen shade on clearance there, for $13!!

Now, I wasn’t too fond of the forest green yarn border, but it looked as if I’d be able to remove it easily, so I threw that baby in the cart. Worst case, I’d return it. Turns out, I was right. Came right off.

Then (and I apologize for the lack of pictures of the steps here, but it’s pretty easy), I unscrewed the bottom piece. Removed the lovely yellow glass section (happy danced it into the trashcan!!), placed the lamp shade on, just as you see in the photo above – bottom of the shade first, so it’s upside-down. Screwed the little ball/bottom piece back on and that’s it.

So there’s a little bit of the bronzey rim showing, but it’s totally not bugging me in the least. I love the linen because it just sort of disappears with the walls, and SO MUCH BETTER than that gold hot mess.

Check out the lovely view of the hallway now…

Ahhh…adios boob light. So thankful my smart neighbor showed me this trick!

One more look, just ‘cuz…

One boob light down, three more to go…stay tuned;)

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