Meaningful Kitchen Art: Gram’s Framed Recipes

We pretty much hit the jackpot when we ‘found’ our home. It was more like our home found us.

This was my grandparents’ house once upon a time. The house I’d visit on holidays and pop in for Sunday visits. Never in my wildest dreams did I think one day it would be the house I raised a family in, but here we are. And I wouldn’t put it past my Gram if she had a hand in all of it. She had passed away the year before this all happened and I like to think she pulled some strings to make this dream come true for us.

And I know she and my Granddad are so tickled to see their great-grandkids running around calling this place home.

When we moved in, there were some of her recipes left in a cabinet. She was an amazing baker – like, I’m talking AMAZING (I mean, did you TRY her Buttercream Egg Recipe? ‘Nuff said.). I held onto these as if they were treasures – because, well, that’s exactly what they are. Handwritten, by my Gram, in the house she lived in…what a gift.

So when I tried to think of something decorative for my kitchen the other day, it hit me out of nowhere that these recipes were just the perfect thing.

framed recipes

See the date at the bottom there? February 16, 1958. Wow. That was before they even moved in here! Food splattered and all. Total perfection.

Some of these recipes are titled, some are just bits of one, written on the backs of envelopes, or a notepad from their kitchen. I don’t even care what they’re for, to tell you the truth. I just love that they’re hers.

I started digging in my stash of odds and ends, and found a frame. I also found a piece of fabric, leftover from my DIY Pullup Door Shade. I simply framed the fabric, and laid some of these treasures all over it, and that was it. Just a little tape on the back of the recipes (rolled so you can’t see it), and it was done.

framed grandmother's recipes

framed grandmother's recipes

I sat it right by the stove, and glance at it many times a day. And it always makes me smile. It’s like a piece of her is still in this house and always will be.

framed grandmother's recipes

Thanks, Gram.



  1. Love your post! My family also lives in my Grandmothers home and we’ve been making tons of updates over the last 4 years so while I don’t have recipes, this gave me a great idea to pull up some old photos that were taken at this old house and display them like you did w/ your recipes. Such a great tribute to your grandma. Nicely done.

  2. I have done this as well! I used some old handkerchiefs that belonged to my grandmother and laid the recipes on top before placing the glass from the frame over them. I have also used some of her old crocheted doilies in much the same way…as background for old photos, etc.
    Precious memories.

  3. Sherri S. says:

    What a BLESSING to be in your grandparents home. I love this idea! I have my grandmother’s recipe box. I may have to do this as well. 🙂

  4. nicole says:

    Beautiful. Made me tear up. This is definitely something I want to do with some of the handwritten recipes I have from my Grandmother.

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