Making Something Out of Nothing: Thrifty Art

I love a good thrifty project, don’t you? Gives me so much satisfaction when I make something cute out of next to nothing. If you do too, then keep on reading, friend!

So I’m working on my middle’s room. And my youngest…and my oldest…I know, I have a problem. Can’t seem to get ANY of them done – but this time I’m really focused on completing this one. I figured, this room was in the worst shape, and REALLY needed help. Plus, my girl’s getting her tonsils and adnoids taken out on Friday, so I wanted to spruce up her room and make it special for her, since she’ll be recooperating in there for a few days at least!

I painted the dresser. I painted her bed (haven’t posted that yet). I painted her room (haven’t done that post either).  I decided the long wall above her dresser was screaming for a gallery wall. Which always leads me to my huge stash of old frames and leftovers from other projects, hoping for inspiration. The wheels start turning, and the spray paint starts flowing, and I’m in my zone.

I found these two old frames that I’ve had FOREVER:

thrifty art for a girl's room

And these tags I picked up at Michaels, like a year ago. I thought they were super cute, they had all different kinds in the pack…I knew they’d come in handy and they were cheap. Perfect for this project.

thrifty art with tags from @michaels

Hmmm…some scrapbook paper and I’m good to go. Lucky for me, I’ve always got scraps of that laying around.

I took the glass and mats out, and took the frames outside for some pink spray paint love. Took the mats out too, for some white spray paint love. (I used Valspar Berry Frost and White, respectively).

Then I cut the scrapbook paper out to fit the opening in the mat, and used a piece of tape to stick one of these cute tags in the center (rolled backwards, so you can’t see it!).

Thrifty Art for a girl's room

I put the new art back in the frame, and ta-da!

thrifty art for a girl's room

thrifty art for a girl's room

Don’t want to show you too much of the gallery wall (that’ll be the next post, promise!), but just want to tell you about one more thrifty art piece I made for it.

My mom spotted this sign at a yard sale a while back, thinking I could give it a new look someday. Cost her like a buck or something crazy:

update an old sign

It was such a dark sign, you could barely make out the words!

I spray painted the whole thing with flat white spray paint, and used my letter stencils and craft paint to give it a new look for my girl’s Gallery Wall:

You are my sunshine sign

Again, one of those times when it pays to hoard craft supplies. 😉

So there’s some thrifty art for ya, and a sneak peek of the Big Wall. Stay tuned for the reveal (of the wall, not the room! Getting there, I promise…) later this week!




  1. So darn cute! Can’t wait to see your future post! Btw, I hope your little munchkin breezes thru her surgery – she’s a lucky little girl to have an awesome mommy to make her bedroom so cute and cozy!

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