Love Tree with Sticks, Yarn, and Paper

This just might go down as the most inexpensive festive decor to date.

1. Go outside, grab sticks. Place them in a pitcher, vase, anything you have.

2. Cut some hearts out of cardstock. I used red.

3. Stick a hole through the heart (I didn’t have a hole punch, so I just used the sharp tip of my scissors).

4. Thread some yard through the hole and tie in a knot.

5. Place on branches.

The End.


This might be my quickest post to date as well.;)


Just proves that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to bring some fun into your home.


You’ll see I used my frosted store bought (Michaels) branches, the same ones that I used in my DIY Wine Bottle Vases at Christmastime. That, combined with my silver spray painted sticks from last year’s Thankful Tree Turned Snowflake Tree post. But natural sticks right from your yard would look just as lovely.


I know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner now, but this is such a quick project, you might even have everything in your craft stash at this very moment and in five minutes, you’ll have a Valentine’s Tree too;)


Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


  1. <3 <3 <3

  2. Love it! I am going to do this art project today! I don’t have a lot of V-day decorations so this will be a great way to add a little fun to the house. =) Of course with all this snow it may be hard to find some sticks. lol

  3. So sweet!
    I used sticks and hearts on my mantle!
    Check it out at

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