Let’s Talk Throws: My Favorite Tips When Buying Pillows and Blankets

It’s a little ridiculous how excited I get about throw pillows.


My husband doesn’t get it – he’d love a throw pillow free couch any day of the week. God love him though, he has to put up with a LOT of throws around this joint. It’s part of who I am. Love me, love my throws, I say.

He laughs.

Along with my friends, who crack up when I change out my throw pillows for each season, but I mean, for someone who THRIVES on change, these are an easy way to give your room a totally new feel. Plus, since you’re only using them for a few months at a time, they stay in pretty decent shape, and when you get them out when the season rolls around, it’s like they feel new all over again.

They can get expensive, yes, especially when you’ve got a couple sofas to fill, but here’s a fun tip:

Find yourself some pillow covers instead of buying a whole new pillow. Hobby Lobby has some super cute ones these days, and there’s always a 40% off coupon on your phone (or maybe you get lucky and they’re on sale for 50% off anyway! Been there – it’s awesome).

I mean, these tan and white pillow covers were $6 a piece with my coupon and how cute are they?!

throw pillows

The other one was from HomeGoods and was only like $12 or something crazy. I love the striped side, but the solid just worked better against the throw blanket pattern (also from HomeGoods).

My favorite places to shop for pillows are HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls (and Hobby Lobby for the covers). Target has cute ones too, but if you’re looking for great prices, you cannot beat those stores.

My new fave Summer pillow this year is this compass find from HomeGoods:

throw pillow tips

And that striped one behind it? That’s from Michaels and was 60% off!!! A whopping $11.99! Wha???? So summery and fun.

throw pillow tips

Another tip – always check the clearance aisle. I actually was thisclose to buying this blue and white diamond print one from Marshalls a month or so ago – lo and behold it was sitting in the clearance section for $15 last week! My lucky day:)

throw pillow tips

And how crazy is this – this rectangular navy and white pillow was $30 at Target and I found it for $9.99 at Marshalls?? I’d never seen Target stuff at Marshalls, but apparently it’s a thing – I’m not complaining, though! Saved me $20…

throw pillow tips

I love the way pillows and blankets change up this room. I mean, check out how different it looks in the Fall:

throw pillow tips

And in the Winter…

throw pillow tips

Yes, this was a while ago and we hadn’t bought the coffee table yet, and the accessories are also different, but still. Amazing how throwing some different pillows and blankets on the couches make this room feel so different, right?!

Here’s my favorite tips when buying:

1. Buy covers when you can.

2. Go to inexpensive home stores for great deals.

3. Check clearance.

4. Throw blankets are also inexpensive ways to add instant coziness and pops of color. (And also hide stains…but shhhh! I won’t tell if you won’t;). Those same stores carry some beautiful ones for as little as $15.

5. When it comes to solids vs prints, I like to buy a couple prints and some solids (or very muted prints) to keep it from getting too chaotic. I usually buy the prints in similar colors, and draw the solids from them. And remember, you can always use a blanket to act as a barrier for some color. For example, if you fall in love with some pillows that are very similar to your couch color (like I did with those tan Hobby Lobby covers), use a blanket first, and it’ll pop against that, instead of looking incredibly blah. That tan/beige pillow against my beige couch did NOTHING. But lay a print blanket down, and suddenly it works.

6. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve SWORN a pillow will look amazeballs on my couch, only to get it home and it’s just…off. I can’t even explain why sometimes. You really just need to get it home to see if it will work. Sometimes it’s the shape that’s wrong, sometimes it’s too bold, or not bold enough. Or has a creamy background and your other pillows are super bright white. You’ll know when you see it…never hurts to keep your receipts.

Hope these tips help you – that is, if you’re a throw pillow-lovin’/change-things-up-all-the-live-long-day freak like me and this is your thang;)

Please tell me I’m not alone! (It’ll really help my case with the hubs)…;)

Happy shopping!




  1. When I read about you and your home decorating…..it’s like ME ! hahaha… and my dear hubby in this case. He too, would loooooove a pillow free couch. 🙂

  2. Happy to know I’m not the only one with this little addiction! My hubby says there has to be a support group out there somewhere !

  3. Heather says:

    No throw pillows here. With a hubby who hates them, and six kids who just throw them around, I finally phased them all out. They will have a comeback. . . one day! Yours look lovely 🙂

  4. Love the red, white and blue theme! I decorated our family room mantel with a patriotic theme back at Memorial Day figuring it can go all summer. Your neutral sofas really make for a good “backdrop” when you want to change up the room.

  5. So Liz, you’ve inspired me! I went out today to shop for a new theme using throw pillows. My house has lots of browns and sage greens already so I am mixing in some navy and coral/orange. If it works out I’ll post a picture! Can I post a picture? Hmm….

  6. After reading this, I went out and bought a new throw for my bed! My bedding set came with 2, but I felt like it needed one more to complete the look. Now I am loving it- and it only cost $16.99! 🙂

  7. I always love your choice in pillows & throws! Thanks for the tips! Question: How do you keep your white couch clean with 3 kids?? I love the white but would never be brave enough with my kids.

    • Thanks, Vicki! It’s a slipcovered couch, so I throw it in the wash! I had a non-slipcovered dark navy couch before this one, and that ended up being WAY harder to keep clean! Slipcovers are the way to go with kids, in my opinion:)

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