Leaf Stamped Pillow

So I’ve been on a *little* Fall pillow binge lately.  Ok, and maybe throw blankets too. Seriously, have you BEEN to Home Goods lately?! And they’re like $15 a pop, come on! What’s a girl to do? Seeing all those cozy, gorgeous fall colors made me realize just how summer-y my throw pillows in the family room were. So I grabbed a few and I’m totally in love with them. (Hoping to post the Fall Family Room sometime this week so I can show you!). I did need just one or two more small ones to complete the room, and it hit me that maybe I could do something fall-ish on the back of these little guys I already had:

I’ve had two of these matching pillows foreva. They were a part of our blue and brown bedroom, which is no more, so they’ve worked their way down to the first floor. And they’re perfectly fine, but I thought it might be fun to make them dual season, meaning just flip them over for the fall and have a whole new look!

I unzipped the cover, laid it out and just stared at it, having no clue what exactly I was going to do. Stencil? Painter’s tape and create some lines? A quote? A word? (hint: that’s where I’m heading with the other one;)

Then it hit me! I spotted some fake leaves, pulled out some orange craft paint, and decided to attempt leaf stamping/stenciling.

You can see I grabbed the new cozy pillow so I could match the shade of orange. Facebook followers might recognize that one;)

I just painted one side of the fake leaves…

…and placed it on the pillow and pressed it as hard as I could. It didn’t turn out perfectly, but the shape was there and I used the foam brush to go over it with more paint. I went light on the paint, since I thought it might be super stiff to the touch if I used a lot of paint. (Fabric paint would solve that problem, but all I had on hand was craft paint.)

Then I decided to use a tan color or paint to create some veins – is that what they’re called? Seems about right, but maybe I’m making that up!? – ANYwho…I thought it would be a nice finished touch…

Once it dried, I replaced the insert back in there, zipped her up and now I have a “new” fall pillow that didn’t cost a cent! (Hubs is VERY happy about that part;)

And when it’s time to put the leaves away, I can flip it over and no one will be the wiser. Shhhh…it’s our little secret;)

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