Leaf Place Cards

My parents are hosting Thanksgiving this year. It’s a big job – we’re no small family. My siblings, their spouses, and kids add up to 18 alone. So add a few aunts, uncles and cousins into the mix, and it becomes an event. Naturally, Mom delegates jobs, and one of mine was place cards. I came up with the easiest, cheapest solution: spray painted leaves. Even got the kids in on it  – we went outside and hunted for leaves on our walk. I had some gold spray paint on hand, a string of jute and a slip of paper, and now I have place cards:

Piece of cake. First thing I did was flatten my pile of leaves under a bunch of books for a day or so.

Then sprayed them all with my trusty gold spray paint – took seconds. The leaves need just the slightest coat and they are transformed.

Then I just cut out little pieces of cream cardstock I had leftover from my Thankful Tree project. I used my fancy-shmancy scissors to pretty them up a bit, punched a hole and tied a little piece of jute through it. Tie the jute around the stem of the leaf, and you’re done. Easy peasy.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I better get to work on the rest of them! 😉

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