It All Starts with Curtains

You might know I’m in the very early stages of our master bedroom makeover. I had some ideas, but nothing 100% solid. I knew the walls would be VERY neutral and light, and we have white bedding. From there, I wasn’t totally sure. I knew I wanted the curtains to be the focal point, so the rest of the room would have to wait until I found “the ones.” I’ve been on the hunt for weeks. And thinking outside the box – checking out sheets, tablecloths, fabric, even shower curtains that I could add extra fabric to – and finally found some Cynthia Rowley panels at HomeGoods this week that I decided would be perfect.

Except for one little detail. They only had one pair (I need three!). I’ve been calling other HomeGoods and no one has any at the moment, but they get shipments in all the time, so I’m hoping and praying I’ll find two more soon…(I’ve even put a fellow HGs obsessed friend on the hunt for me at her local store!). Ready for this – the PAIR is only $19.99?! What the what?! Granted, they aren’t lined or the *greatest* quality, but they sure do look purdy;)

I have to say, they are totally not what I was expecting. In fact, I thought they might end up going back to the store. But I got home, hung them up and knew they were perfect. They would allow me to throw in all kinds of color. I could go blue, green, yellow…the possibilities are endless. For someone like me, who loves to change things up, it’s a great choice. I also picked up this aqua chevron pillow cover at Hobby Lobby the same day for less than 5 bucks, and it covers an ugly old pillow I had!

The vision was starting to come together…

I’m picking one of those teal colors to paint our nightstands! I want the look of this dresser, from the cover of HGTV magazine’s April issue. Been completely obsessed with it since I saw it!

So for now we’ve decided:
-Light (almost white) walls
-white bedding
-colorful pillows
-orange print curtains
-teal nightstands

Lots of decisions to be made, but I feel good that we’ve got a starting point now! (That is, if I can find two more pairs of these curtains! If you happen to walk into a HomeGoods and see a pair or two of these panels, let me know;)

Can’t wait to see the end result. I can see it in my head and it’s a beaut! Much brighter and prettier that this current situation, aka hot mess…


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