Instant Summer Decor: Just Add Rope

It sure is feeling like summer here these days, and I for one, am loving every minute of it. Time to start decorating with sand and seashells and that, well, that just makes me want to do cartwheels.

Today I had an idea. Sand and seashells aren’t the only thing I have around here that make things instantly seem summery. ROPE. Rope seems to give things that coastal, nautical, summertime vibe. And I just happened to have some leftover from a project. The wheels were in motion, and a couple minutes later, I had some summer decor. For realz. This is so quick and easy, it’s insane. Took longer for the glue gun to warm up than it did to complete this project.

I took a glass vase I have (seriously, these guys are AWESOME. Highly recommend you get yourself some if you don’t have any because they can be filled with any and everything all year long). Grabbed some hot glue and the rope from my craft stash.


I got this “Twisted Manila Rope” from Lowes for another project. It’s a little darker than the sisal rope I use a lot, and I thought it would be a fun change.

I cut a piece of rope to work with, and dabbed one little bit of hot glue near the bottom of the vase to get the rope started.

Wrapped the rope around about 1/3 up the glass vase.

Dabbed one more bit of glue to hold the end piece.




Two dabs of hot glue and my ordinary vase looked all nautically awesome…and I was one happy lady.

Course, the seashells and sand I threw in there helped…



I put it on a table alongside my DIY seashell frame from a past Craft Night – that frame is one of my favorite things ever! Definitely one of my favorite photos ever.


So if you’ve been wanting to get a little summertime vibe goin’ in your home, grab yourself some rope! The mission will be accomplished in NO time:)


  1. Love this! Such a super cute and fast project! Off to get some rope! Also going to the lake to find those tiny shells to make the picture frames for summer bday gifts:) Thanks for the awesome ideas!

  2. Carli Heringer says:

    In your usual fashion, it’s super simple and adorable. 🙂

  3. Rondell says:

    Love it and sure have to give it a try!

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