I Love Lamp

Any movie-goers get the title of this post? If you guessed Anchorman, you are correct!
Hilarious movie. And perfect for this post, because I, too, do in fact love lamp. This glass one of mine. Major Target score last year. The bottom is a big hole, so I could fill it with anything. The sky’s the limit with this guy. Immediately I envisioned each season, filling it with pumpkins and gourds…pinecones and ornaments…eggs and forsythias…seashells and starfish! Such fun!

So Winter came, and in went a berry filler from Michaels…

Then Winter turned to Spring, and in went a pussy willow filler (again, from Michaels;)…

…and Spring turned to Summer, so I hit the Dollar Tree for shells (8 bags to be exact). Wrapped some sisal around the top for some extra summery goodness, and here we are!

I secured the sisal with a dab of hot glue – it’ll peel right off the glass when I want to remove it. I think it just adds a little fun, don’t you?

{In case you’re wondering, the lamp shade came from some online lamp store – can’t remember the name, but I googled “white drum shades” and it was one of the first names that popped up. Maybe Lamps Plus?}

So there’s the story of my favorite lamp. Just like my dining room centerpiece that I posted about last week, I love something that lends itself to all seasons.

Hooray for seashells and summer, who’s with me?!

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