How to Paint a Wrought Iron Bed Frame (in one easy step!)

I’d been thinking about painting my bed frame for what seems like forever. Never really knew how I would paint it. It’s black wrought iron. Lots of skinny spindles (I guess that’s what they’re called?). Weighs about 8,000 pounds (ok, slight exaggeration), so I CLEARLY was not going to take it down a flight of stairs to spray paint. I never thought it was really feasible, know what I mean?

But once this master bedroom makeover got underway, the bed was just not right. It stuck out like a sore thumb. I mean, I’m all for contrast, but this was not good contrast. And with the orange curtains behind it…well, I was kinda getting a Halloween-y feel. Totally bugged me.

I thought maybe painting the nightstands white would be enough.

It wasn’t.

Again, just like the whole nightstand issue, the look and feel for this room that I have in my head just wasn’t coming through.

I wouldn’t rest until the issue was resolved. 😉

Enter paint and plaster of paris. (Surprised? Didn’t think so).

I figured, why not? Works on every other surface I’ve tried. So I grabbed some leftover Sea Salt (from my family room makeover), and mixed a little Plaster of Paris into it to make it just slightly thicker. I used a regular ol’ paintbrush I had, moved the mattress out of the way, and just started painting.

Didn’t even have to move the (insanely heavy) bed out – just did everything right there, as it was. I thought the Sea Salt would be the perfect hint of blue/gray to offset all the white, but as it turns out, it looks 100% white. I don’t mind. Once the room is done and fully accessorized, it’ll be fine.

And now…

…I feel like we’re starting to achieve my vision! (Still need a beautiful throw at the end of the bed, more pillows, rugs, the list goes on and on, but had to share the painted bed with you now!)

Once I did a couple coats (if you want it really chippy and distressed, and have a lot of black come through, one coat would do the trick), I sanded it just a tad. Thought it might give it some character.


I think the Sea Salt (white) looks so much better against the curtains now. Halloween-y no more!



So if you’ve been staring at your iron bed frame and wanting to change it up but not sure how, look no further! Mix up some paint and plaster – that stuff works wonders!

Can’t wait to finish this room and share every brightened up, colorfied detail;) (Yes, I make up words a lot.)

Starting to believe nothing’s safe from a paintbrush in this room.





*Update: Our bed has held up beautifully, with zero chipping years later – but not all projects turn out the same – I hope yours works out just as well as ours, but I can only share our experience. Paint at your own risk;)*


  1. Just so beautiful! You have certainly inspired me!

  2. Looks great – how has it worn? I’m interested in trying this out for a theatre set but it needs to be moved a bit, do you think the paint would scratch off? Thanks!

  3. Great news, this way definitely beats sandblasting! Thanks!

  4. So why did you use paint AND plaster? I am fixing to paint my iron bed now.

  5. Painted mine with Valspar Rivera Dune. Love the creamy color. I almost hate to chip it up or antique/glaze it! Can’t decide. Any opinions?

  6. Love the bed. Where did you get it?

  7. Kristen says:

    This looks amazing! What ratios did you use?

  8. Hey! I am stuck with the exact same problem. Got a solution now. Thanks to you. 🙂
    Can you tell me the ratio of paint to pop and how long did it take to dry?

  9. You have given me the inspiration I was looking for. Your bedroom looks great! I was so sick of my black headboard I was thinking of BUYING a new one, which of course, I can’t afford. White is so much more feminine, softer. Goes with everything. Thank you so much for posting this. (I’m even thinking about painting my nightstands white!)

  10. Whitney Campbell says:

    I am SO doing this!!! What are the ratios you used? Thanks!

  11. Kim DLima says:

    hi…can you let me know the ratio of paint (can I use white oil paint?) to Plaster of Paris???

  12. You really should not post projects that don’t work. BTW when did yours start chipping?

  13. What brand of paint and plaster of Paris did you use? I love the bed, and can’t wait to do something similar with mine.

    • Thank you! I usually use just a sample of Sherwin Williams paint and the plaster of paris from Michaels. Not sure what brand it was, sorry!

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