How to Make a Cheap and Easy Christmas Sign

I decided to try something different around my kitchen window this year for Christmas. We’ve got some plans (nothing major, but some fun stuff in store;) ) for the kitchen – and  one of them involves adding molding around the window and rattan blinds to match the rest of the house. Valance is goin’ dowwwwn. Probably wouldn’t get to this stuff until after the holidays, but I went ahead and took down the valance anyway. The plan is to just *pretend* the molding is up and add garland around the window so no one’s gotsta know;)

dressing up a kitchen window for the holidays

But it needed something else…

A sign!

I went to Lowe’s, picked up a piece of 1x8x6, asked them to cut it in half for me. Took it home, slapped on some white craft paint, let that dry, then sanded it down a little so you could see the wood grain a little.

Got out my samples, red craft paint, and thought “Merry and Bright” would be a fun sign.

I used my 4.5in rustic stencils from Hobby Lobby that I use on EVERYTHING for the word Merry and &.

cheap and easy Christmas sign

For ‘bright’ I decided to try winging it. I wrote the word on a piece of paper, and went over it HARD with a colored pencil.

cheap and easy Christmas sign DIY

Because I traced the word so hard with the pencil, it left an indentation.

DIY Christmas sign

Hope you can see that;)

Just had to go over it with red paint and that was it!

DIY Christmas sign

I added teeth on the back to hang it, and had me a sign that only took me about 20 minutes and $4!

how to make a cheap and easy Christmas sign

DIY Christmas sign

(Those red letters to the left…that’s an E, not an F, I promise! Weird angle?!)

DIY Christmas sign

I hung my ornament wreath on the window with a 3M hook, and it’s feelin’ a little Christmasy up in here!

DIY Christmas sign

Really need to get some festive dish soap, now that I think about it…

Stay tuned for more holiday projects this week – just love this time of year!


  1. Please come over and help me redo our house with our current stuff. You are amazing friend!

  2. I love it!! 🙂

  3. Love this!!!!!

  4. so so cute!!

  5. Love it too and the colors of your kitchen!

  6. Tricia Hannigan says:

    did you make that wreath?

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