Happy Birthday, Dad

It is not lost on me that my dad is celebrating his 70th birthday today.

Not sure if it’s due to hearing about it more, because of social media, or if life is just taking these difficult turns more frequently for more people, but too many I know do not have this gift.

To have not one, but two parents reach this milestone.

Nope. Not lost on me one bit.

Dad's 70th bday

It’s also not lost on me that my dad was on pretty much every field trip when I was a kid.

That he coached all our sports teams.

That he made sure I addressed ALL of my friends’ parents  BY THEIR NAME and looked them in the eye.

That he taught me the importance of working hard. And trying your best.

That vegetables are IMPORTANT, DARN-IT.

All of this was lost on me growing up….but not anymore.

This weekend, we threw the Party of All Parties for him, and when I walked in my house at almost 2am, I thought to myself, “Wow. How lucky am I to have witnessed this special night. To see all of these people come and show my dad how much he means to them. For my wonderful dad to be here, have his health, and feel that love.”

It is not lost on me.

dad's 70th bday

A few minutes before the surprise, my godfather told me he had invited Dad to a bonfire with him and “the guys” that night, just to throw him off. I told him that was a risky move, since few things could top a bonfire, stogies, and a night with the guys, according to my dad. What if he decided not to come to my brother’s house (where the party was held) when my mom suggested it? What if he said he already made plans with John and the guys?

He looked at me with a smile and said, “I knew he never would. Because to your father, nothing tops time with his family. To be with his wife and kids…I knew, 100%, that he’d turn us down to come here.”

And that…

…is not lost on me, either.

dad's 70th bday

For everything you’ve done, for everything you continue to do. For always being there, even when I didn’t want you to. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you so much.

Happy 70th, Dad. And many more.


  1. ok – that brought tears to my eyes, especially what your godfather said – so sweet! And looking at your father, anyone can see that he is truly a family man. He’s the same age as my father in law who is equally a great guy so we are two lucky gals! Cheers to your dad!

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