Halloween Monster Door

So I saw THE CUTEST idea in Parents magazine. It’s a monster face for the front door, made up of just poster board, plastic and paper plates, and painter’s tape. Seriously. I thought it would be super fun and different, and the kids LOVED it. Takes all of 5 minutes too. I tell you, those people at Parents magazine are clever somebodies! I clearly cannot take an ounce of credit for this idea – that’s ALL Parents magazine – but I wanted to share it with you because it’s just so fun and easy! (Here’s the link to see the adorable one on Parents website!)

My boy and I hit up the Dollar Tree yesterday, grabbed 2 pieces of green posterboard – you can use any color, in fact the one in the Parents mag used hot pink, but they had the most awesome shade of blue for their front door, which I unfortunately do not have. I thought lime green would be a fun monster-y color, and show up against our red door. Then I went over to the paper plates aisle, and grabbed large blue paper ones and black small plastic ones for the eyes. Again, any color you want, go for it. I wanted purple for the large ones, but, living in Ravens country, they were fresh out.


They also have square paper plates at the Dollar Tree, so I got some of those in white. The one in the mag used rectangles, but they didn’t have them, so I figured squares would be fine. I had painter’s tape for the mouth, and used that to secure all these pieces onto the door as well. I thought it would be easier to tape the pieces of poster board up first, then cut the bottom up, giving it the pointy edges for bangs. Worked out great.

Seriously, this took five minutes, and cost $4 bucks, thanks to the Dollar Tree. AND I have a bunch of blue, black, and white (square) plates on hand now too! Score:)

Don’t think mine’s nearly as cute as Parents magazine, but we love our monster. The kids have names him “Mr. Hungry Guy”;) Thanks, Parents, for the awesome, easy, fun, AND inexpensive Halloween idea! (P.S. Totally stealing the spray painted bright pumpkins idea too;)

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