Haircut for a Cause

My six year old has been BEGGING me to chop her hair for probably a year now. But her long hair…it seems so her.  All piled in a messy bun on top of her head, or in two cute little braids. And pigtails? Forget about it. 


Or perhaps I have long hair envy. I’m just a bad long hair person and hers is beautiful.

I felt like I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

But she reeeeeaallllly wanted me to.


Being a short hair obsessed gal myself, I know where she’s coming from. Much like my decorating style, my hair follows the same suit: always a-changin’. And I know the feeling when you’re dying for a cut. I swore if I looked at Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie ONE. MORE. TIME. I’d explode. Couldn’t book that appointment fast enough!

Since she was never going to change her mind (I mean, a year? The girl knows what she wants, obvi), I decided if I was going to put the scissors in my hand, let’s do something good with it. I looked into the different hair donating sites, and decided on Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths because the hair only had to be 8 inches, as opposed to 10 or 12.

I told her about the idea and she loved it.

We measured her hair ALL. THE. TIME.

Seriously. She asked on a daily basis. She’s a helper by nature, and she really got excited when I told her that her hair would help make wigs for people who don’t have hair because they are sick.

FINALLY, it was long enough to donate.


I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do. I washed her hair, put it in a low ponytail, made sure it was 8 inches, and CHOPPED.

Bagged it up, sent it off in an envelope. (P.S. I didn’t just CHOP the ponytail – I evened things out a bit;)


I’m so happy we did this, and think it’s such a great lesson for our kids. That’s why I wanted to blog about it – I was shocked at how easy it was to donate, and with all the people out there gettin’ their summer ‘dos, this is a really amazing thing.

She’s THRILLED with her new look, and I think she feels really good that her hair is helping others. We saw a St. Jude commercial recently and she asked if her hair will help the kids in the hospital have hair again.

It’s even making my oldest consider chopping her locks. (Although she’s torn, wanting to look like Elsa and all. We’ll see).


Plus, she looks totally adorable.


Once again, looks like I should just listen to my kids.


Love her.



Want to learn more about donating hair? Here’s a link to the site I used:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths


  1. Rondell says:


  2. Love it!! I donated my hair a total of 6 times over 12 years. I figured why not!
    By the way her hair is beyond adorable!!!

  3. Katie M says:

    You did that cut yourself? WOW! It looks great and she is cute as a button!

  4. Oh my gosh she is soooo cute in that last picture! And what a generous soul she is to donate her hair. Love it!

  5. My 6 year old daughter also has super long hair and has been dying to cut it. We decided on locks of love and the big day is next Friday. It’s my husbands day off and she really wants him there…he is heartbroken because he loves her hair but he couldn’t tell her not to do it since she wanted to donate it. Your daughter is adorable and her cut looks so cute on her!

  6. Love it! Great job.

  7. Such a sweetheart, with a big heart! And she looks just like her pretty mama w/ her short cut! Love it!

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