Go Ahead and Grab That Deal! There’s Always Spray Paint…

When you love to do entire room makeovers as often as I do, you have to get creative with your budget. Say, for example, you need a pair of wall lamps to complete your vision. Most are at least $40, which adds up to $80. But then…THEN, you’re at IKEA and spot affordable and adorable – I mean, PERFECT – wall lamps. Well, they would be perfect if they weren’t silver and you’re going with a gold theme.

Did I mention they are $15?!!!

So um, $30 for BOTH LAMPS.


spray paint magic

Naturally, my brain went into instant ND mode and grabbed them as fast as I could, and headed to get some spray paint on my way home.

I took off the shade, taped up the portion where the bulb goes, and the cord, so that wouldn’t get sprayed, and gave those cuties a few quick, light coats of Krylon Matte Finish in Sunrise. Those lamps couldn’t be more perfect for my daughter’s room now:

spray paint magic

I mean, come on. How cute are they?!

I just love them so much.

But had I not remembered the magic of spray paint, I would have passed them right by. Don’t let a great deal slip through your fingers, friends!

Or this jewelry organizer that was in a bag of hand-me-downs recently, from our cousin.

spray paint magic

I was about to give it away, since it didn’t exactly go with either of my girls’ rooms, but I decided to give it a new life.

spray paint magic

I just gave it a quick sand and sprayed the drawers a minty green (Valspar Flat La Fonda Mirage), and the outside part, in Valspar Satin White. The knobs don’t come off, so I just took a little brush and white craft paint to them and it’s got a whole new look.

I mean, I had no intention of even keeping this…and now this freebie is a cutie!

One more for ya…

I was at Hobby Lobby recently and this was 50% off, so it was $10. Something about it…it’s like it hopped right on into my cart and I couldn’t let it go, even though it was yellow and black – NOWHERE in my house is there yellow and black, but those two words spoke to me:

Spray paint.

spray paint magic

I laid it on a sheet outside (should’ve said that earlier- ALWAYS spray paint outside with lots of ventilation!!), and sprayed the word hello with the Sunrise spray paint again, then bagged and taped it all up once it was dry:

spray paint magic

This bag kept that part from getting any more spray paint on it. I did the rest in Valspar Metallic Gold. And NOW it matches just right:)

spray paint magic

It’s on the little bitty wall when you enter her room and I love it. I am SO glad I took advantage of that 50% off sale! I just knew it was somethin’ special!

So with yard sale season around the corner, and warmer temps that are just perfect for spray painting, I hope this inspires you to get creative next time you see a great deal that’s just not the right color you’re looking for. There’s probably a can of spray paint just waiting to change that. 🙂


  1. Tammy Rhodes says:

    The lamps and sign turned out adorable!!! I absolutely love it!

  2. Deb Love says:

    Love the new and improved “hello” sign!! So cute!

  3. Love it! This post came just in time because I have been thinking I need to find some decor items but don’t have any budget really. It definitely opens up my options when I’m not limited by color!

  4. Heather says:

    Cute. We have one of those chests- I never thought of redoing it! And I am SO ready for garage sale season!!

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