Girls Night #14: Glass Paint Projects

So the girls got together last night for our monthly craft night. My neighbor had us all over to her house this month, and it was a blast! Wine, friends, food…and craftin’ – all good things;)

This month we decided to experiment with glass paint. I’ve always wanted to try out Martha Stewart’s line at Michaels, so we thought a Craft Night would be the perfect opportunity. Plus, these easy projects would make PERFECT Mother’s Day gifts, end of the school year teacher gifts, wedding gifts – the possibilities are endless!

I had some white mugs from the Dollar Tree, so I decided to just use those. I picked up some stencils and paint from Michaels, and that was it.

On the back of these little acrylic paints, it says it can be used on glass, just be sure to let it cure 21 days. Then you’re good to go, AND it’s top rack dishwasher safe! So cool, right?!

It also says to wipe the surface clean with alcohol first. Once you do that, you’re free to get stenciling! The stencils have sticky backs (genius), so you literally place the letter on the mug, dab it with your brush, and peel the stencil sticker right off. Easy peasy. If you want your letters closer together than the sticker block allows, you can either wait for each letter to dry, or do what I did, and trim the stencil letters so there’s not much excess around the letter. Does that make any sense? Sorry, should have taken a picture of that.


I made one for tea time…

…one for coffee o’clock…

…and one “good morning sunshine!”

I added some grass onto this one. Thought it would be fun. Tried painting some flowers and a sun, but decided it looked better with just the grass;) I love that these Dollar Tree mugs have the raised dotted border – it was like it was made for this project!

The paints are $1.99 each, and the stencils were $7.99, but of course I had my Michaels coupon, so it was even less. When you think of all you could make with them, I think it’s a pretty good deal!

I also grabbed one round open vase/glass/candle holder when I was at Michaels – no idea what it really was, but it was along that row that has all the little glass votives, vases, etc. Wasn’t really sure what I was going to make with it, so I just starting going brush happy and dotting a bunch of colors on there. It was a HOT. MESS. In fact, my friends and I were all cracking up hysterically at it, all joking how it wasn’t going to make the blog post…

But, by the end of the night, it was looking *slightly* better as it dried. Turns out, on my nightstand with some flowers in it, it ain’t too shabby!

Doesn’t look as crazy, right?!

Kinda growing on me…;)

So let’s get to my talented girlfriends and their projects.

There was some more stenciling on mugs, like this one, perfect for a cup of tea…


And from my blogging buddy (from One Project Closer’s The Better Half), Jocie – check out these adorable coasters she picked up in that unfinished wood section of Michaels. Some stencils and paint, and those plain coasters are fun and adorable!

She also used a stencil and glass paint to turn a boring glass vase into a work of art!


(Vase on the left). And can we just talk about Crafty McCrafterson for a second here – LOOK at that mug?! What?! Jocie freehanded it – first she used painter’s tape on the handle, to make the black stripes, then drew the tea bag and painted the words on herself. What you can’t see is the string of the tea bag also goes inside the mug – it’s beyond adorable. How she thinks of this stuff?!

Another friend made some Mother’s Day mugs with initials and some cute earthy/nature stencils – leaves, butterflies, etc – all in the prettiest shade of green. My pictures don’t do these projects justice, but the color was really beautiful.

There was also some silk screening going on. I’d never even heard of this before, and it seems very similar to stencils, just the paint doesn’t go directly onto the surface; instead it leaks through the letter, creating this super smooth, seamless look. Like the vase was bought with the design on it!



What great teacher or wedding gifts those would make, right?

Martha’s line also makes all these fun tools to make just about anything, like these foam brushes that make the perfect dots. Adorable on a bud vase…

…or a party bowl!

Another friend tried out etching. This was very cool – she stuck some stencils on wine glasses…

…then dabbed this etching cream (Armour Etch) on the letters with a brush…

…let dry (the back states for how long, I think she let it go about 20 minutes), peel off the stickers, and voila!

The compound actually does something to the glass so that it creates this etching effect – again, what an awesome gift. You can personalize it so many ways!

So that about wraps up our Girls Night! Always such a great time. In case you missed my “Everything You Need to Know About Girls Craft Night” post, click here for all the information you need:)

Happy Crafting!

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