Girls Craft Night #9: Fall Decor

I can hardly wait to tell you about our Girls Craft Night last night! I mean, I always love sharing our girls night projects with you of course, but this month we did something a little different.

As you avid Pinterest-ers know, DIY/crafty Fall projects are all over the joint these days. When I selected a few to share with the group to choose one – it was just too hard! Since they were all just too darn cute, we decided to do a ‘pick-your-own’ craft night. So not only do I have ONE adorable craft for you to see, but several! I know, you’re loving us right now, aren’t you? 😉

Let’s get down to it. First, I’ll share with you what I made and a little how-to.

The Burlap Button Pumpkin Project:

I got this idea from Pinterest, but when I opened up the link, it said it was removed, so unfortunately I can’t give credit where it’s due for this one. If you know, please let me know so I can share this crafty person’s blog with you fine people!

I decided to go with this particular project because I had everything but the buttons. You’ll need a frame, some burlap, scrapbook paper, glue, and buttons. First, I removed the glass and cardboard backing. I chose to leave the glass out of mine, but you could choose to keep it in the frame if you like.

I cut out a piece of burlap a little larger than the cardboard, and simply stapled it.

I cut out a pumpkin shape out of orange scrapbook paper, and glued it (I used all-purpose Tacky Glue, but you could use a glue gun as well).

Then I arranged the buttons before I glued them down.

Glued them all in place, cut out a green stem and repeated the process. Done! Pretty easy project, and super cute, right?! I have it leaning in my newly styled bookcases;) Here’s a sneak peek for ya!

Moving on…

The Candy Corn Wreath Project

LOVE! I may have to make this one next year;) Found this idea from one of my very favorite bloggers EVER, Thrifty Decor Chick. You can check out her post on  it here. My friends who made this project used a foam wreath form – and here’s the kicker – wrapped them in orange crepe paper (GENIUS!), so the background won’t stick out like a sore thumb. So so smart!

As you can see here, it took such little time, that some made TWO projects! Check out that frame – Oh. my. goodness. Love it. Which brings me to the next project…

The Acorn Frame Project
Talk about awesome. There are SO many stinkin’ acorns around here that my friends literally went in their front yards, grabbed a bag of acorns, a frame they had, and their hot glue gun and that’s it! Talk about a cheap (but ADORABLE!) project! Found this idea on Pinterest (where else!?) and you can check out the original source at BHG.


Looks like something you’d buy in a store! (I loved these so much that I couldn’t help myself at the playground today…the kids and I grabbed a stash of acorns to bring home;)

Here’s another friend’s work…candy corn and acorn frames! Love the black frame with the bright candy corn. So festive, don’t ya think?

And for the first time, we had my new bloggy friend, Jocie from One Project Closer come join us! We met through blogging, after realizing we both lived in the same town, so she’s become a buddy of mine and had to have her join us! She made a cute frame that she painted orange, and glued candy corn to it. Lined the backing with burlap, and glued a cute orange painted owl cut-out to it!



Another friend made the same project I made, but used a black frame, and kept the glass in it. I LOVE the way the black frame looks!

And a few friends made these cute mason jars with leaves mod podged on. This is a little tricky, as we learned last night – I think the key is to use super fresh leaves, because the older and crunchier they are, the more difficult they are to glue on! Perfect for a little tea light, and I’m sure the glow will be so cozy:) Found the beautiful idea here, at Gingerbread Snowflakes.

As always girls, thanks for an awesome night and LOVED every single one of your projects!


Good wine. Good food. Good crafts. Great  friends.

What could be better?

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