Girls Craft Night #8: Decorating Pumpkins

Last night I got home after midnight.

Had some wine.

Indulged in yummy food.

Hung out with some awesome girlfriends.

Laughed my butt off.

And left with a craft.

Awesome, right?!

I’m telling you, if you like to craft a little, and have some friends that do as well, get together and have a Girls Night In! We have SO much fun, and we joke that the craft is just the bonus – it’s a great excuse to hang out, relax, unwind, laugh, and it’s just plain nice to be around grown-ups for a while;) My friend, Michele, hosted it last night so we could all see her newly renovated kitchen (be on the lookout for a blog post soon!), and it was a BLAST! Thanks so much, Michele! (And the kitchen is GORGE!!)

This month, we went seasonal and decided to make some fun pumpkins. We all bought those craft pumpkins you see everywhere – even Target has them this year. We each brought materials for our particular pumpkin project (I need paint, a brush, a pencil, others needed scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, you get the idea).

I took one look at my Country Living magazine and knew what I wanted to do:

A Chevron pumpkin!

I started with a cream pumpkin, and decided to just wing it with the lines. I used my pencil and started zig-zagging.

I used a teeny tiny brush and outlined it with orange craft paint. Then I used a larger brush to fill in (so it wouldn’t take me ALL night!). That’s it!

Not exactly as precise and perfect as CL, but really, who’s gonna rival THAT, right?! 😉 Good enough for me, I say!

Here are some of the other projects…

That was a black pumpkin, and my friend bought scrapbook paper with this pretty pattern. She cuts pieces of it and mod podged it on there. Cute!

The bottom left is also the same technique – scrapbook paper cut in strips and mod podged on the pumpkin. (All the white dries clear, so don’t be afraid to slather it on there! If you look closely, you can still see some of the white Mod Podge. It ALL goes away though). The bottom right is just sharpie markers in different colors, and different fonts of handwriting! All words about Fall. Cute, right?! A couple of the girls left before I remembered to take pics of their projects, but they turned out cute too!

So that was our fun night last night! Pumpkins are everywhere; in fact, I think I might just make a couple more. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of crafty pumpkins from the ND;)

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