Girls Craft Night #6: Patriotic Wreaths

Whew! Been a while since I’ve done a Girls Night post, right?! We had a heckuva time trying to find a date these past couple months – between our kids’ and husbands’ sports schedules, husbands’ business trips, illnesses, man, it’s been a crazy couple of months! We decided since it was already June, that we would do something for the 4th of July. Since there are endless adorable red, white, and blue wreaths on Pinterest, I sent a few on an email to the girls, and we decided instead of picking one, that we would each make the one we like the best, and bring whatever materials we would need. I loved them all!

I chose the yarn wreath. Found it (where else?!) on Pinterest, and fell in love! And guess who the blogger is? Nap Time Crafts! Gotta hang with this gal – we love our naptime! 😉 Anyway, she made an adorable wreath – you can read her post here.

I made mine with a pool noodle (just like my Baltimore Ravens wreath back in the fall), but some of my friends used the straw wreath, and some used a foam wreath. I chose the noodle because I was already at Target and didn’t feel like making another trip with the kiddos;). Any of these choices will work fine! If you go with the noodle, just trim some of it off to the size you want, and either duct tape it or use packing tape. Get some yarn, glue, and felt star stickers (found mine at JoAnn Fabrics), and you’re set!

I marked the lines where I wanted the navy section (like 9-12 on a clock). For the white and red sections, I just eyeballed it. Takes a while, but it’s easy, aka, perfect for a good gab session with the girls!Then just dab some glue at your starting point, and wrap….and wrap….and wrap….then dab some glue at the end of each section.

We had one with big stars…

One with medium…

One with lots of stars…

One with stars all in a neat little row;)…

And a couple who made different kinds. Love this red felt one, made by following this tutorial from Nap Time Crafts AGAIN! That girl is good! So so cute, right? And love the bow and hanging star from the center!

Another girlfriend of mine did a fabric wreath – she already had the fabric, and used a wire hanger, so this was totally free! She shaped the wire hanger to a circle, and used fabric strips about 2.5″ x 11″, folded in half, and tied them in knots around the wire hanger. Done!

Love it! Not sure whether she came up with this on her own, or found it online somewhere, so don’t have a link for you. But I think it’s oh-so-clever.

I added some ribbon and a bow I had in my ‘America’ storage bin – I was just about to get it out to decorate anyway, so I was happy to stumble across them!



So happy to finally see my girls and do some craftin’ together…(and Ang, that sangria might just have to make an appearance next month too;)
Happy 4th!

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