Girls Craft Night #13: Washi Tape Crafts

So I’ve been wanting to jump on this Washi Tape bandwagon for a while now. I figured, why not jump on it with my girlfriends and try it out together for our monthly craft night project? They were all on board, and we hit up Michaels to get a stash of different ones, and hung out last night, creating some pretty cool stuff. Have you tried Washi yet? It is SO cool. It’s half ribbon, half tape, it sticks, but not too much in case you get tired of it, won’t peel off paint…basically a super awesome product, and whoever thought of it is a genius. Literally yesterday, I had no idea what I was going to washi, so I walked around the house looking. Found a couple very plain frames and a glass vase. Some of my friends did the same, just used things they had (you could throw this stuff on anything!), and others picked up some of those cute unfinished wood letters and things at Michaels.

I loved this project, because we all were using this for the first time. None of us knowing exactly how it would turn out, but teaching each other along the way. It’s pretty self explanatory – it’s basically pretty decorative tape, and you just need to cut it and stick it on whatever you’re working with.

So let’s get to the projects, shall we? 😉

Lotsa wine, lotsa washi;)
Here’s a cute unfinished bird a friend of mine picked up at Michaels…

She alternated different patterned Washi tape…

Here’s where we learned something important about Washi – either have an exacto knife to cut the pieces EXACTLY, or make them long enough to overlap onto the backside.
Here’s how that cute bird turned out, with a burlap rosette hot glued on!


Here’s another – turn a plain unfinished picture frame (from Michaels – AGAIN!) into this hip chevron frame with a little washi tape and a rosette…


SO CUTE, right?!

Here, you can see my friend using some Washi tape on some unfinished wooden letters…

and a boring frame got super fun with this kelly green pattern tape…

…look how alternating strips of the tape transformed this plain white letter…

LOVE all those colors together!

Check out how just a few pieces turn this frame and mirror into a cute set for my friend’s little girls’ room…

…while another friend went a different direction and washi’d some clothespins, hot glued them onto a wooden wreath form, and made this card holder for her kitchen!

I tell ya, I’ve got some creative and crafty friends, don’t I?!

Here’s a plain white frame I had that I thought would be the perfect size for a washi makeover…

Seriously, the inside there? EXACT width of my washi tape – meant to be;) I just had to cut some pieces (I did a diagonal cut to mimic the frame), and that was all she wrote.

Ta da!

Looks so cute in my family room…

It’s sitting right underneath another Girls Night Project! Remember the Button Art? If not, click here to check those out! One of my favorites.

I also had this plain boring frame…

Four pieces of diagonally cut Washi tape later, and here it is now!

Talk about the easiest and quickest way to make a frame more interesting, right?!

Here’s one more super quick one for ya – take a glass vase, and wrap some tape around it. Yup, that’s it. When you want it plain again, or get tired of the tape, take it off, no harm done. Brillz.

I picked up some tulips when I went grocery shopping today, and stuck them in here. Love love love it!


Too cool. I had a blast working with this Washi Tape, and even more of a blast hanging with my girls last night. My stomach hurts from laughing so much, I kid you not. Felt like I did a million sit ups, but SO much more fun;)

Can’t wait for next month! Already have the project in mind;) Till then, here’s our previous posts in case you missed them!

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Happy Crafting!

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