Girls Craft Night #11: Valentine’s Day Projects

The girls came over last night for our monthly craft night – always such a great time! I get asked about Craft Night a lot, and we have new readers who might not know the history, so let me summarize quickly what it’s all about. Once a month, I send out an email to my group of girlfriends with about 4 or 5 links to cute projects. They are relatively easy to do, and don’t require a lot of time or money to make. Everyone replies to the group email what their favorite is, and we usually do the same project, or a variation of it. However, sometimes, like around holidays, there are just too many cute projects out there, so everyone brings whatever materials they need to make their own thing. That’s what happened last night, so I’ve got lots of goodies to share with you! OH – I forgot to mention two very important factors to our Girls Craft Night:
1. Wine
2. Food
Wouldn’t be Craft Night with my girlfriends without those 2;) On the same email thread, they say what they’re bringing, so we’re sure we have both covered.
So that’s Craft Night. Highly recommend it – we have a lot of laughs, it’s good for the soul…and as a bonus, get to take home something cute for your house! Our group is made up of 13 fabulous ladies, which I think is a great number. Plus, we’re busting at the seams down in our playroom basement anyway, not sure we could squeeze in a bigger number than that! 😉



Conversation Hearts were big last night – there were wreaths…

…and trees….

…and wooden hearts covered in them with ribbon – adorbs!

And even a yarn wreath adorned with some…

She added a cute little burlap banner to it, with hearts glued on each one. Clever clev!

There were also some other wreaths made, like this one, made from a heart foam shape, burlap cut into squares, and pins to secure them!

Wish you could see how cute this looks hanging on my neighbor’s red front door – look fantastic!

And check out this cutie, from my blogging BFF Jocie over at One Project Closer! 

She’s going to do a post soon where she’ll give you all the deets on it, but basically it was a grapevine wreath that she glued homemade rosettes and some store bought buttons! That banner is the cutest – burlap, scrapbook paper, and l-o-v-e letters found in the dollar section at Michaels! Love it.

She also made this little guy too –

Just a little black frame, scrapbook paper, and felt rosettes glued in the shape of a heart. So simple, but so sweet! Found the idea on the blog, Embellishing Life, click here for the link to the original blog.

I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with my project, because I had bought a foam wreath form months ago, and was planning on making a yarn wreath with hearts of felts going around it or something…then I got my wreath out yesterday, and it was one of those super flat ones from Michaels – didn’t think yarn was the way to go. So I had burlap (I know, SHOCKING!) and decided to cut long strips of it, fray the sides a little, and hot glue them to the back of the wreath form. Then cut hearts out of red felt, and used two long strings of jute to wrap around them so they would stay. One string wrapping around it in one direction, and the other string going the opposite direction. Make sense, I hope? Sorta gives it an argyle look, you know?


I secured the jute with hot glue as well. It’s small, so I’m thinking I’ll hang it on a mirror or chalkboard or something, rather than my front door.

I also did a project that was SO quick, that I made two. Seriously, this will blow your mind how quick this one is. You need a frame, scrapbook paper, glue (I used Tacky Glue), and these scrabble-ish tiles from Michaels (I say “ish” because they don’t have the numbers on them like real Scrabble pieces do;)

I got this idea from this blog called Granville House. I pinned it, but when I tried to click on it, the link wouldn’t let me, so here’s a link to it on Pinterest so you can at least see their adorable work! So so cute — it’s just gluing the letters LOVE and YOU onto paper and framing it. DONE!

Seriously, takes one minute. So I decided to do a little more with these letter tiles, I mean, I had another frame, and always have scrapbook paper, so I made a more permanent piece of art for our family room…


I played around a little to find a configuration I liked (and would work!), using the word FAMILY and all of our names. Such an easy project, but I think it’s pretty special too. I placed it in my bookcases and just think it’s kinda fun:)

So that was this month’s craft night! Already working on scheduling next month’s, and here’s something exciting to think about – it might be close enough to make a spring craft!!! Makes my heart skip a beat just at the thought;)

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