Girls Craft Night #10: Christmas Signs

 The girls came over last week for our monthly craft night. Wine, snacks, friends, and some cute crafts to go home with. Good stuff all around;) This month we made Christmas signs (most of us – there were a couple different projects in the mix). Each person brought a pre-painted piece of wood ready to be stenciled with some cute Christmas-y saying. I just picked up one of those 11×14 pieces of unfinished wood from Michaels, but a couple of my friends took it up a notch and attached a few pieces of wood together and ended up with some larger (and AWESOME!) signs.

Here’s the before:

You can use flat (or satin) white paint, or just one of those little 59 cent acrylic craft paints from Michaels to brush on there – if you go that route, you can use any color you wish!

Then I gathered up all my stencils, and decided to use different fonts – my 4 inch Rustic alphabet letters from Hobby Lobby that I use on EVERYTHING, and a little freehand. I traced the stencils and wrote a couple words, then just filled them in with a little brush and some red acrylic paint…

When I was finished, I sanded it up a bit – I wanted it to look a little worn. Here’s where it took a turn for the worse – the red paint kinda smudged with the sanding process and I was left with a slight pinkish hue on my white paint. Not terrible, but just to warn you;)

As for my talented girlfriends, here’s a look at their cute stuff!…

hard at work;)


If you don’t have stencils, here’s a great trick – see how my friend above here has cut out letters? You can type in any font/size you want on your computer, print them out and cut them out. Instant stencils!

My friend Mandy wanted to try one of those starlight mint wreaths, so she brought materials to make that – SO CUTE, right? I’ve had my materials for a while now, dying to make one…if only there were another oh, I don’t know, 10 hours in a day?! And that’s my blogger buddy, Jocie from One Project Closer making that CRAZY CUTE sign – freaking freehanded, mind you! I was amazed. She’s blogging about her sign over at OPC on Thursday, so you should check her out for all the deets! She’s a talented lady, let me tell you.







Are these ladies good or what?! My friend who made that last sign decided she wanted a sign that could stay up year-round, so she went with a ‘Home’ saying. That’s what’s great about this project – you can go any which way you want to go. Just have everyone bring whatever painted wood they want, and the possibilities are endless.

Can’t wait to show you where I put mine…let’s just say there’s hot cocoa involved;) Stay tuned!

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