For The Love of Paint Samples


I have found The One.

My Perfect Match.

Yesterday, paintbrush in hand, I discovered The Bathroom Paint Color Of My Dreams.

And it only took me eleventy-billion paint samples to find it.

Let me tell you something about choosing the right color, friends:


Unless of course, you’re one of those nice laid back types, who can live with a color that isn’t exactly what you imagined…I’m sure you’re surprised to know, I AM NOT.

I knew what color I wanted in the master bathroom since before we even started demo. In my mind, it was a beautiful, bright, soothing mix of whites, marble, chrome…and the most beautiful blue/green on the walls.

So naturally my mind went to my favorite place: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

You know, that color from my family room that I am uhhhhhbsessed with?


I bought some, and started painting. Here’s where I bring home my point people. Paint looks different EVERYWHERE.

My absolute perfection of a color in my family room? Not digging it nearly as much in my tiny bathroom.

Crazy, right? But soooo many things effect paint color. Especially natural light. The family room has three windows, this bathroom has one. And it was just looking too green for me. I wanted it to err on the blue side if anything.

Back to the paint store I go. Because you KNOW Liz couldn’t settle when it comes to paint color.

I picked up a couple more samples. Copen Blue and Silvermist. Both looked lovely in the store. Came home, tried it…


My mom even thought she had a perfect color for me to try. But that wasn’t it either.

Here’s what’s funny. I kept seeing ‘Rainwashed’ on the paint swatches when I went to SW, but to me it just seemed like it had too much green. (Why am I hatin’ on green so much?? I don’t know, it just wasn’t the color in my head, you know?).

Then I’m at my sister’s house this weekend. I realize how much I LOVE her powder room color.



Yes, this is the same sister who discovered Light French Grey that I used in my office. Remember, the perfect grey post? Maybe she oughtta start a blog?!


It gets better.

The next day I drop off my son at our friends’ house. I’m in their basement, and loving the color.

Wouldn’t you know it?



You can guess where I drove after leaving their house.

Bought myself a sample of Rainwashed and immediately knew it was The One.

Ahhhhhh. I could finally get some sleep. (Yes, these things do keep me up at night.)


Yes, another phone camera pic…I know. But for the big reveal I’m busting out the good camera. Promise. I might even get my photographer husband to snap those bad boys:) It’s 100% prettier in person, trust me.

(P.S. Can we just talk about that gorgeous toilet for a second?! There’s two words I never thought I’d put together. But when you have a yellow toilet for 8 years, this toilet is a sight for sore eyes, let me tell ya).

Here’s a great tip I got from a friend a few years ago: Use a piece of white posterboard to paint your samples on, so you don’t have to re-prime your ready-to-go walls. I make sure to label each one and live with the posterboard for a couple days. Rainy, cloudy days, nighttime, daytime, lights on, lights off – it all effects the color, so make sure you love it both AT NIGHT and in the daytime:)

PicMonkey Collage

And when you’re at a friend’s or relative’s house and you fall in love with a color, ask what it is. Write it down and stick that puppy in your purse and don’t lose it. It’ll make your hunt for the perfect color so much easier. Plus, paint always looks so different to me on the little itty bitty swatch (Rainwashed is the perfect example), so seeing it in person can be so helpful.

So there you have it. I hope you’ve learned from my Perfect Paint Color Quest:

1. Try out samples first

2. If you see a color you love, find out what it is.

3. Don’t settle

After all, this is your home. It’s where you live. Make it a place you love.


  1. I did my husband’s home office in Rainwashed. It’s a lovely color. My favorite one is its next door neighbor on the swatch, Quietude. I have painted our downstairs guest room and bathroom in it and have loved it for at least six years. All “wear” very well over time. Enjoy!

  2. Lynne Jacques says:

    I am from the UK and love both of the colours Rainwashed and Sea salt but I don’t seem to be able to get this paint in England. I am hoping I can find something similar here any info would be appreciated Thank You <3

  3. I searched too and was looking in the same family. We painted our living room Paladian Blue by BMoore and it is awesome. It changes from blue to green dependent on the lighting. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  4. This is too funny! I saw Rainwashed on another blog somewhere, went to get the sample, and it looked too dark green for my tiny bathroom. Brought the sample home, still too dark. I posted my lament on Facebook about finding paint colors for my bathroom (i too am doing white beadboard!) and a friend sent me a link to your post. RAINWASHED! I think I’m going to go get an actual sample since the chip is just too small. 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    Too funny, I’m reading this in my bedroom that I JUST finished painting this morning. I ended up choosing light French gray after your office post because as much as I loved it in your house, sea salt did not work in here. My next project is my powder room, so I guess I have a head start. Thank you so much for all your tips, you really do inspire me.

  6. The color looks great! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  7. Suzanne W. says:

    Just painted my dining room… RAINWASHED!

  8. It is going to look fabulous in there! I painted our master bedroom in Rainwashed back in the spring and we love it! Thinking of doing the master bath in SeaSalt.

  9. Was looking at SW: Copen Blue, Sea Salt or Rainwashed for my kitchen Small kitchen, lots of white cabinets, so not much paint, but it matters! I think I’ll get a sample of Rainwashed since everyone here keeps making such a fuss over it! 😉 Also have a bathroom to do and was thinking of one of the three or the one step darker than Rainwashed is Quietide. Thoughts?

    • All beautiful colors! Definitely pick up samples first – colors change so much, even just room to room! Live with them for a few days and see which one you love best:) Good luck!

  10. My bathrooms have no windows, only a small sky light…what color would work best for minimal naturally light? Vanity will be white. Please help! I don’t want the walls to look dark.

    • Hard to say without knowing your style – but I’d definitely suggest trying out samples – I can’t stress that enough! Nothing worse than buying a gallon or more of paint in a color that you don’t like! And try super light colors – they’ll look darker on your walls since you have minimal light. My basement is a soft blue and I swear, if you looked at the paint in the can you’d think it was just white – but down there with the minimal light situation, it’s plenty of color! Good luck!!

  11. OMG! All this talk about Rainwashed (sherwin williams 6211). I too read all the fuss about this color and painted my kitchen in it! Turned out beautiful with the white cabinets! I can see it could be darker w no windows so go a shade lighter on the pallet – 6210. SW WIndow Pane. You could also go w a pretty white – one w a little color in it like SW 7011 Natural Choice or for more color in the popular “greige” families SW 7014, elder white or 7021 simple white or 7028 incredible white- all the top of the paint strip (lightest color) get some strips and look at entire strip to get full range of that color. (Do you like it? How does it look in the room).

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