For All ‘The Moments’

{To my incredible mom, and to all the moms out there, who are always making the moments…Happy Mother’s Day!}

I was at a friend’s house not too long ago. This is a friend who is more like family, who’s been around since the very beginning. They had just moved into a beautiful new home, and when I told her how much I adored how her stairs came down into her kitchen and great room, I got so excited.

“Can you just see your kids running down these steps on Christmas morning?!”

“Or a snow day, when those little bedheads stumble down, see you, and realize they get to stay home and play all day?!”

She smiled and said, “Liz, I love how you see the moments.”

And I realized the reason I see these moments when I go into a home, instead of the architecture or furniture placement.

It’s because of my mother.

My mother was always making the moments.

She found little ways to make every day feel special.

She’d leave us little notes in our lunchboxes, now and then – I’ll never forget my last note she wrote me in high school. I teared up right there in the middle of the cafeteria. She probably has no idea, but I still have those notes. And I smile and cry every time I look at them.


We’d come home from school and there she’d be, with a huge smile and a plate of blueberry muffins…because it was Tuesday, after all.

Every holiday appeared effortless, like she didn’t do a thing, and yet, somehow everything was perfection. I can picture her sitting on the couch in her robe with her cup of tea on Christmas morning, just smiling quietly. Taking it all in, as if she didn’t just pull off something short of a miracle with 5 kids to juggle, buy for, and wrap. Oh, and hosting a Christmas Eve party the night before and brunch in the oven, waiting for us after we finished opening gifts.

I swear the woman is part superhero.

After I’d moved out, she’d always tell me to come over when Nate Berkus was on Oprah – I’d leave my classroom and make it to her house just as it was starting. She’d have hugs, tea, and a “goodie” waiting for the two of us;). An hour watching Nate with Mom was like therapy.

I realize why I get excited about life’s little things. It’s all my mom.

And I know she’d walk into my friend’s house and see that staircase and picture the same thing I did.

So Mom, today I thought I’d take a moment and thank you for all the moments. For those moments made such memories.

Thank you for every love note and blueberry muffin.

For every heartshaped meatloaf and Tora Lora Lora sung.

For every cozy blanket wrapped around us on the couch.

For knowing exactly when we need you to come over when life isn’t going our way. Stocked with chocolate and mounds of HGTV magazines. 😉

For showing me that bedtime can and should be postponed when your little girls ask you for a Fashion Show.

To Mom

For just lighting up when we walk into the room. Still.

For teaching us, without even realizing it, that life is all about the moments.

To Mom on Mother's Day

And for making us the luckiest kids of all.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.







  1. You come from a long line of wonderful women/Moms and you are carrying the torch beautifully. Happy Mother’s day to you, too.

    • AMEN – You are most certainly following very admirably, and with much flair, in your Mother’s footsteps!!

  2. Mums are the best!

  3. Danielle says:

    This made me tear up. So beautifully written and so precious. Thanks for sharing!

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