Five Minutes and $5: Easy DIY Bathroom Art

The powder room is OFFICIALLY DONE, people. I can hardly wait to show you – hoping to take pics later today and post it tomorrow. I’m so happy with it!

I went out yesterday and picked up a couple little accessories for this rockin’ shelf thingy I found at HomeGoods – it’s completely awesome – again – cannot WAIT to show you! When I got home and filled it, it needed one more thing…I looked around my stash of stuff – old yard sale finds, old picture frames, all those goodies just waiting for the right project. AKA ‘What is taking over my laundry room and making my husband crazy.’ Do you have one of those? I mean, if I’m out yard saling and find a huge hideous picture frame for a buck, I WILL TAKE THAT THING. You never know, right? Who’s with me!?

I digress.

I had this white picture frame – actually, at one point it was a dark wooden frame, and I had given it a distressed white look at one point, but it eventually made its way back to The Stash.

I had chalkboard spray paint.

The wheels were spinning.

Easy DIY Bathroom Art

I sprayed the glass insert with the chalkboard spray paint, and gave the distressed white frame a fresh coat of white. Five minutes later, and I had this:

Easy DIY Bathroom Art

I used my chalkboard marker (which IS AWESOME by the way – love that thing). I went with ‘wash up’ and done. I always holler that at the kids before dinner so it’s fitting for the powder room;)

Easy Bathroom Chalkboard Art

Now, I titled this 5 minute and $5 art, but since I had the frame, spray paint, and chalkboard marker on hand, it was totally free for me. But you can easily find a frame for next to nothing at yard sales, or in a clearance aisle – if it’s not the color or finish you want, just spray paint it! And a can of chalkboard spray paint will cost you a couple bucks, and chalk is cheap. So totally doable for $5 even if you don’t already have the stuff on hand! And now you have a cute little piece of decor (and remind your kiddos to wash their hands while you’re at it – win-win) 😉

DIY Chalkboard bathroom art

Stay tuned for the rest of the powder room makeover tomorrow!



  1. Very cute 🙂 Where did you buy your chalk marker? Does it erase like regular chalk? Looking forward to your new powder room reveal!!

    Stay warm…

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