Family Room Makeover: The Reveal!

EEK! So. Freaking. Excited! The Family Room is done (ok, I lie – the crown molding on 2 of the 4 walls still needs to be caulked and repainted, but shh….you can’t tell from the pics so I went ahead and decided to show you;). It’ll most likely be another week or so till we get to that and that’s just plain silly to hold this up on account of caulk, am I right?!

We’re gonna get right down to business, friends. 😉

This is what you used to see when you entered the Family Room…

And this is what you see now…

To recap:
Sold our old sectional and bought the Ikea Ektorp sofa and loveseat in Biege. (100% washable – awesome with the kids!)
Painted the yellow-gold walls with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.
We moved the tv onto a different wall.
Bought and jazzed up some Ikea Billy Bookcases to fake a built-in look.
Painted the brown fireplace white.
Grabbed that trunk from our bedroom (where it wasn’t being used) to use as a coffee table.
Bought a slipcover for the striped gold chair.
Sold the leather chair.
Added molding to trim out the windows, bought bamboo shades from Lowes.
Added crown molding.
Stapled Target curtain fabric to two dark brown pleather ottomans we had to make them fun again.
Painted 2 of the existing 3 end tables, and picked up one from a yard sale for $30 and painted it also.
Bought some pillows and accessories, spray painted a bunch of existing items and here we are!

Some more fun before and afters…

Same view, after:


Same view, after:

Before – ALLLLL the brown:

After: same corner, but color added:)

Before: The Gallery Wall

After: Same view, it’s now the Bookcase Wall

Before: The inside/banister wall:

After: same view, now a Reading Corner

Before: The view from the entry of our home


It feels like an entirely different space now. It’s so light and bright, and now just feels like it matches the rest of the house. And this layout!! I realized how much it made sense the first time we had company over. I was sitting on the couch talking to people in the dining room (the room to the left of the entry), instead of being cooped up against that far wall. It flows so much better than before.

Is everything exactly as I want it to be? No, but since money doesn’t grow on trees, I made what I had work for the time being. Like the slipcovered chair – not a fan, it’s a huge chair, and I would love to have a set of smaller chairs with a little table in between on that wall, but hey, at least the slipcover makes it match the rest of the room, and with the white throw and cute bench beside it, I’m fine with it. (It is CRAZY comfortable too, so that’s a plus;).

I also made that floor lamp work by spraying it with Valspar silver metallic spray paint (if you look in the before pics, you’ll see a black floor lamp). I used that can a LOT in this room (see the W up there in the book case? That was gold). I used sisal rope to cover the shade (that was gold with a fancy sheen), so now it works much better.

You might remember the post I did on this table

I just used some homemade white chalk paint to give it a brand new look. I also had that mirror (it’s been about 4 different colors – no joke!). It wasn’t being used at the moment, so I sprayed it with that same silver metallic spray paint. (Green lamp from Marshalls)

Hung my Button Art Project beneath it.

You might notice this table in the before…but it was brown:)

You can read all about it here, in case you missed that post. That glass lamp is from Target- can’t wait to fill it for the holidays! (Pillows from Ikea and Target)

I love those Ikea pillows so much, I had to grab two. Here it is paired on the loveseat with a Marshalls pillow…

…and one more pillow (I have a slight major pillow problem;)…this one’s from Target also:

And of course, no room of mine is complete without a Gallery Wall!


I’m so happy with it.
And it’s so cozy at night! Not sure if I love it more in the bright daylight or when the sun goes down…




Those ottomans move around all day long;)

Here are some links to other projects you might recognize in these pics:
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Chevron Bench
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THANKS letters
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Wanna see something really fun?
Check out the VERY before – our Family Room when we were about to move in…

and today…

Just a bit of a transformation, wouldn’t you say? 😉

So there it is! Hope you like it! I am LOVING it. Wheels are spinning with Christmas decorating ideas now – working with an entirely different color scheme now! You know I’ll keep you posted!

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



  1. Alison Long says:

    I’m about to paint our fireplace white like yours. White kind of white paint did you use? Semi or satin. Also did you add the plaster Paris and also use the wax on this too? Thank you so much, I love your website and crafts 🙂

    • I used off the shelf satin white paint, and yes, I mixed in some plaster of paris in there, finishing up with wax. Good luck! And thanks so much!:)

    • I used white satin, and yes, added the plaster of paris and the wax! Thanks so much, and good luck! 🙂

  2. Alison Long says:

    Can you please also tell me the size of your billy book cases from ikea, thank you so much

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