Dollar Tree Summer Decor

I’ve got a super easy, elegant, and inexpensive idea for you to bring some summer into your home today.

And it makes a great gift too. During the months of May and June, I feel like there are zillions of gifts to hand out – if you’ve got kids, you know…they have SO many wonderful people in their lives that take care of them throughout the school year, and you want to show appreciation to each and every one of them.  Of course there are the teachers, but then you’ve got teacher aids, and bus drivers, and lunch helpers…the list goes on and on. Or perhaps you’ve got a bunch of parties that you’d like to bring a hostess gift too – but how do you do all this without breaking the bank?

Here’s one way…


This cost TWO DOLLARS.

I went to the Dollar Tree and spotted these glass beauties. They’re super sturdy guys and bigger than they appear in these photos (that’s not a votive candle, it’s a good bit bigger) – they totally DO NOT seem like they cost a buck!!

Then I grabbed a candle there as well.

Now, do yourself a favor and buy a bag of sand and a bag of shells – or in this case, shell pieces. I bought some a couple years ago and bust them out all the time for summery projects. So since I had both of these on hand, this cost me $2. One buck for the glass, one for the candle.

Came home, filled a little sand and shell pieces in it and instant summer decor!

I love they way they look lined up on my dining room table on a burlap runner.


Whether you keep them for yourself, or make a bunch and hand out, these are guaranteed to spread some summer cheer wherever they end up, for next to nothing! (Another plus – if you do give these out, they’ll go with ANY decor/color scheme in the hostess’ home!) 🙂


Gotta love that Dollar Tree!



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