DIY Tree Art

Before our family room makeover, I used to have this gold tree thing hanging above the sofa with pictures around it. Never liked it all that much, but I held onto it – I had a hunch it could work one day…with a little spray paint or something.

That day came yesterday!

DIY Tree Art

I’ve had this idea for a while, and never got around to acting on it. But I’m working on our powder room, and the mirror that hangs in our family room is JUST right for the new tiny bathroom. So I had to figure something out for the big ol’ empty space that would be there once I removed the mirror.

I picked up three pieces of 1x6x6 wood at Home Depot and had them cut them all in half. Grabbed some stain in Special Walnut, and dug out my white spray paint.


I sprayed the tree, and stained the wood.

Then I attached teeth onto the backs of each piece of wood.


I hung each piece on the wall, then nailed the tree in the middle.

At first, I thought about writing our last name on it, with the year we got married or something, but then I decided I wanted to do something a little different. I googled lots of different quotes, hoping to find just the right one about families, trees…some sort of connection. Then I found this gem:

“Let your roots grow in Him, let your lives be built on Him” – Colossians 2:7


I got out my letter stickers from Michaels and played around with them until they looked just right.

DIY Tree Art

Then I traced the letters with a pencil, removed the stickers, and filled them in with white paint.

DIY Tree Art

I took the pieces off the wall for this part. Hung them back up and ta-da!

DIY Tree Art

DIY Tree Art

DIY Tree Art

It really warms up the space, and ties in the shades, the coffee table, and the other wood accents in the room.

DIY Tree Art

And I love the message it brings.

DIY Tree Art

So happy we needed that mirror;)


  1. This is genius. I love the use of the Bible verse! In my book, you can’t go wrong with wisdom forom God.

    Blessings and Sweet Dreams…

  2. I love this …..wonder where I can find a tree thingy

  3. This looks great and I have a tree very similar sitting in my garage. Just a few questions, how did you nail the tree on and would a strong adhesive work well? Also did you glue the pieces of wood together before you nailed the tree on? Thanks very much.

    • Thank you! This was meant to be hung on a wall in its previous life;), so it had a hanging loop thing on it – I just hammered a nail into the wood and it hangs on that. Not sure about an adhesive – worth a shot I guess – maybe try it, and have it just leaning against your garage wall out of harm’s way, in case it slides down and the glue doesn’t hold it. If it stays put for a few days, maybe you’re good!? Or maybe put a nail into the wood and have it hang by one of the branches or something? Good luck!

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