DIY Sisal Vase

Ever since my DIY Sisal Cookie Sheet-turned-Tray, I’ve been obsessed with this sisal stuff. I have it on hand, ready to spring to action should I find something ugly that I’d like to breathe new life into. I did just that today. I had a plain-jane glass vase – the kind you get flowers delivered in – and was about to put it in the Goodwill pile and instead, got out my trusty glue gun (don’t I always?) and got this…

from this…

I love it! And it’s SO simple to do, and pretty quick, too. All you need is your vase, glue gun (and sticks), sisal rope and scissors.

The sisal rope can be found at Lowe’s, Home Depot, any home improvement store. Here’s a close up of the packaging for size purposes –

It’s thicker than the one I used on the cookie sheet

But I happen to like the thickness on this particular project.
First, I started by dabbing a little hot glue at the base to get me going.

Then I found that putting it on its side made it easier to work with.

Do just a couple inches of hot glue, then lay the rope down, then repeat. You don’t want to place TOO big of a line of hot glue, because it dries so darn fast, that it would be hardened by the time you got your rope all the way around!

Ummmm, can we say M-A-N-I-C-U-R-E?? This is why I never paint my nails, people. This lovely coral shade is leftover from Easter. Easter. So embarrassing. And I apologize for the slight blurriness, but it’s no easy task to take a picture with your LEFT hand (yes, I’m a righty), while you’re trying to glue with your other hand. I think it’s actually pretty impressive I got my hand in the shot AT ALL when you think about it…
Also, I did not cut the rope until the very end – I worked with one continuous piece. I wanted it as seamless as possible. When you do finish up, cut your rope. I was amazed at how unnoticeable it was. I figured with it being such thick rope, it would be glaringly obvious, but it’s not. And how’s this for luck? The starting piece and ending piece line up perfectly, so both “imperfections” can be turned around and never to be seen;) Can you see the top and bottom ends in this pic?

Not extremely noticeable, right? Ok, the bottom one kinda is, but the top sort of disappears, I think.

Fill with some fresh flowers, and you’ve now got yourself a hip new vase!

Not bad for the five bucks, or whatever that rope is – I can’t remember, but I know it’s not much.
This one’s going to Mom for a Mother’s Day gift on Sunday. Look around your house – any ugly bowl or dish, maybe a large glass, heck, even a cookie sheet! – you’ve got laying around can easily be updated with just a little glue and rope! And can even make a lovely gift. I may just have to find another old vase so I can have one for myself;)

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