DIY Juice Bottle Snowmen

Back in October I saw the cutest ghosts in blogland, made by the super talented Lindy over at Itsy Bitsy Paper. She made them using juice bottles. I thought they were so genius and wanted to make them for our home. Besides, I usually buy that brand of orange juice anyway (there was one in the fridge at that very moment;), so I saved three of them…

…then Halloween came and went.
Still had these plastic bottles saved in my craft stash, so I got to thinking…what could I turn these cute shaped bottles into this time of year?…Aha!

Snowmen, of course!
These cute little guys are not hard to make, I promise.
Here’s what I did:
-I spray painted them with some white gloss spray paint I had.
-I tied some scraps of fabric (I already had) around their “necks.” \
-Glued a few buttons on with my hot glue gun for the eyes and trunks. (I got a little carried away and used green button eyes for my son, dark blue for my youngest daughter, and light blue for my oldest;) They thought it was pretty cool that I created a snowman just for them!)
-Used a tiny brush to dot black acrylic paint for a mouth and orange for the carrot nose.
-For the hats (I took a gazillion pics of all the steps, but *somebody* (not naming any names) in this house needed to take the camera to a lacrosse game, and when I checked the memory card, these photos were gone…sorry guys!)…back to the hats: you’ll need 2 sheets of black cardstock. I guesstimated and cut circles out, about 3 inches maybe? I cut a slit in them, then cut out a circle from the middle. So basically it looked like a black donut with a slit cut on one side. Then I laid it on top, and taped the slit from underneath so you can’t see it.
Then I cut a strip of the same black paper, and wrapped it around and secured it (tape or glue is fine).
Then I cut out a black circle for the top piece and glued it on. Done.
-Filled each bottle with some heavy glass beads I had to weigh them down. You could use anything – dried beans, popcorn kernels, sand…whatever you have.


I had everything on hand except for the large buttons and black paper. Pretty cool!
OH! Almost forgot – I placed them in a white tray (that’s usually on my coffee table, but not at the moment, thanks to Christmas decorations;), and filled it with some extra fake snow from the train garden.

They’re the centerpiece on the kitchen island right now, and the kids just love them!
Many thanks to Lindy for her original clever use of the ghost juice bottles! Her blog is adorable – you should definitely check her out, if you haven’t already.

It was a busy, busy weekend over here…stay tuned for more Christmas decor in my new color schemed rooms – it’s been fun, fun, fun:)

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