DIY Christmas Card/Picture Holder Thing-a-ma-jig

We got our tree late last week (Christmas Family Room Tour post to come this week!). I did something totally different this year…rearranged the family room to accommodate the tree. Usually it goes in the same spot, but I thought it’d be fun to mix things up a bit this year. (Shocking, I know! ;). ANYwho…because of this switcheroo, I had this one little spot above the couch that just needed a little something. Like a picture frame, a small wreath…something. So naturally, I checked my stash. I had a great little wreath…too small. A spare picture frame…nah. Didn’t work either. Then I spotted a blank canvas I had, leftover from a two pack I think. I had an old piece of fabric leftover from an old tree skirt too…hmmm…grabbed some jute, a clothespin, and my Christmas card holder was born!

I apologize, but I don’t have any pics of the steps. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment crafts, one that I had no idea if it would be a flop or success until it was finished. But it’s pretty self-explanatory:
-Pull fabric tightly around the canvas, staple a bunch of times.
-Cut jute (first eyeball measure how long the pieces will need to be), and staple it to the back as well.
-Dab hot glue on a clothespin and stick it on the fabric. DONE! (I used a piece of washi tape on my clothespin to jazz it up, but you don’t have to).

Initially, I was going to use this as a picture frame. Thought a cute photo of the kids at Christmastime from the past would be great…then I couldn’t find one! Darn computers!! Or darn me, I should say, for not being better about printing photos! Oops. Then I thought, HEY! Our current Christmas card each year would be cute on there! Then I thought (I know, lots of thinking goin’), I can hold ALL our past Christmas cards on there, and each year it’d be fun to look back. And it fits that weird spot on the wall just right:)

And did I mention it didn’t cost me a thing?! Gotta love that.

You could really take this idea and run with it. Create a giant one for all your friends’ and family’s cards. Buy a large canvas, cover it it festive fabric, then hot glue a bunch of clothespins – and you can double/triple up of course, since you won’t know the exact amount of cards you’ll receive. And canvases are so light, you could use a massive one and hang it anywhere – back of your door, pantry, or on a wall if you have the right spot. and in place of jute, you could use pretty ribbon…possibilities are endless! Kinda cool idea, if I do say so myself;)

Happy holidays, from our family to yours!

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