DIY Baby Stats Frame

I get asked about baby gift ideas a lot. I totally understand why – I mean, when a baby is born, especially one born to a close friend or family member, you want to do something a little extra special. A good friend of mine had a baby recently, and I was in the same boat. I wanted to make her (and her sweet boy) something special. Something one-of-a-kind. Some people might think that in order to accomplish that, it would get expensive, or you’d have to be Miss Crafty McCrafterson to make it not look like something a 6th grader made in Home Ec class. The Naptime Decorator is not one of those people;). I have learned that you can certainly create something very lovely and special, where you don’t have to be a crafty expert, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. This is one of those kinda projects…my favorite kind:)

I was perusing the aisles in Michaels (I know, when am I not, right?! ). And I found myself gazing at all the adorable stickers – you know, like for scrapbooking, etc? There are TWO entire aisles devoted to stickers, people. Every holiday, occasion, event, party – there are stickers for it. So when I stumbled upon these super cute baby boy stickers, and right next to it, letters in baby boy colors (which happen to be the exact colors of my friend’s nursery!), my mind went racing. Suddenly I got this vision in my head! I grabbed some, headed on over to the frame section for a plain white frame with a mat, and got this!

For those of you who swear you aren’t crafty, you don’t need one crafty bone in your body to pull this off. If you can peel some stickers, you can make this! Here’s what you need:

That’s it. A frame (make sure it has a mat, if not, pick one up), and some stickers. I picked up the letters so I could include the baby’s stats – birthdate, weight, length. Before I went sticking everything on there, I sort of pictured how it all would work. I realized I had to use all uppercase for his name, because they only give a couple of each letter, and the colors would not alternate correctly if I used the lowercase. Does that make sense? I didn’t want two letters in a row to be the same color, you know? So I checked out the uppercases, and I was able to alternate, and not have two of the same colors next to each other. Once you’ve eyeballed it out, peel and stick – DONE!

Hmmm…now what could I put in the frame? I hadn’t met the baby yet, so I didn’t have any pictures…but Facebook did! I did a little snooping, and found a picture of his big sister holding him. Downloaded it onto my computer, uploaded it onto Shutterfly, a little cropping and turned it to black and white, and suddenly this photo went from this…

to this…

LOVE! Amazing what a little photo editing can do, right? I think it turned out cuter than I had pictured it in my head! 😉

So there’s a gift idea for the next baby born in your life that anyone can make. It’s not difficult, it won’t break the bank, and best of all, it’s meaningful…the best kind of gift! 🙂

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