Dining Room Centerpiece: Charlie Brownish Wine Bottle Edition

Once you see our centerpiece, that title will make perfect sense;)

I went with a VERY simple one this year. It involves last year’s DIY Yarn-Wrapped Wine Bottles, some branches from Michaels, and a few ornaments. (That wine bottle post got lost when my old blog got hacked apparently, because I can’t find it anywhere:(. Basically, it was spray painted wine bottles, dab hot glue, wrap yarn around, hot glue to keep in place, and add an ornament to the front).

Dining Room centerpiece: yarn wrapped wine bottles

Three of them, along a runner from Target, and that’s about it.

wine bottle centerpiece

Unrelated, but how cute is that tree on the chalkboard, courtesy of my 6 year old? Love that I have little helpers now;) That’s our countdown to Christmas, for those of you who remember that from last year – felt ornaments with numbers 1-25 on each one, glued to magnets.  Every morning, they take turns who gets to put that day up on the tree.

Back to the dining room…

I also went very simple on the chandelier this year. Usually I hang ornaments from the rungs, but since the centerpiece is tall, and already has ornaments on it, I just used a strand of garland and ribbon cut into bows (again, from Michaels).

simple Christmas chandelier

Not sure why I didn’t get a picture of the centerpiece AND the chandelier together!? This was the closest shot I got of the combo:

Wine bottle centerpiece

Blogger FAIL.

Something about the way the ornament hangs on the branches reminds me of Charlie Brown’s tree;). One of my very favorite Christmas specials every year. The scene with Linus on stage?! Makes me cry EVERY. TIME.

Anywho…anyone notice the new chairs? Got something up my sleeve for the dining room and kitchen I’ll be tackling after the new year. I’m SO excited about this one!

Trying to get my Christmas decor posts up for you before it gets too close, but man, anyone else feeling WAY behind this year? Or is it just me?!

Speaking of…gotta run and do some shopping! XO




  1. What a cute idea!

  2. Very festive and cute!!

    Christmas Blessings…

  3. This is darling! and YES, I’m WAYYY behind too! xo

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