Bringing Back the Green

We all know I’m slightly, ok, completely obsessed with bright colors. Aqua, yellow, coral…I love them all so much. Put a can of a bold, bright color spray paint in my hand and I’m one happy lady.

But there’s another side of me that is a little earthy and natural. In fact, before I went on a makeover spree throughout our first floor, everything in our home was earthy greens, deep golds, dark reds. And when Spring rolled around, the LAST thing you’d see in our home was an aqua mason jar with yellow daffodils sticking out of it. Nope. Instead, you’d see a lot of mossy greens, neutral colored eggs, pussy willows instead of daffodils. It ‘went’ well with the color scheme I had back then. So last year, the first year since the makeovers, all this stuff stayed in storage. Even my moss W I made at one of our Girls Craft Nights a couple years ago stayed put. And I LOVE that thing!

So this year, I thought, why not get  it all out and put it in our family room? After all, we have a green pillow on our couch, and the bright colors that I have so much of in the dining room and kitchen are much more subdued in that room anyway.

I started with the coffee table…(in case you missed that post, you can read it here.)


See the green in the pillows back there?

Then I used some picks from Michaels in my glass lamp…


And some more on my shelves…


Love those little moss bunnies too! I missed those guys.

I brought back my green hydrangeas for my DIY Mantel Box (LOVE that thing!)


And – YAY – brought back the mossy W!


It’s perfect in my HomeGoods bird cage-y thing, right?! In case you missed that post on the moss letters we made at Craft Night – it’s a piece of cardboard with moss sheets stapled to it! Easy peasy.

And check out my major score at the Dollar Tree – pussy willows for $1! I swapped them out with the heart branches…


And more moss bunnies. ‘Cuz they’re just plain cute.

I’m happy to see my green make a comeback. And now that we’re 15 days away from Spring, it’s starting to feel a little like it…at least in my family room! (Just don’t look outside the window!) 😉



  1. Jennifer Lanier says:

    Hi friend……. What color is your living room? Is it a soft grey? Or soft pale blue? Thinking I might steal that idea from ya. LOL I love your site. Keep up the great work!

    Jennifer Lanier
    Mississippi Gulf Coast

    • It’s Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, at 75% of the formula – and yes, it’s both grey…and blue…and green!! lol. I call it a chameleon color – changes depending on the time of day, sunny or cloudy…I LOVE it!

  2. Your family room is just gorgeous! I love all the pops of green you added. The birdcage with the moss monogram is my favorite.
    I love your blog and can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. Kate Bassett says:

    I love the mossy letter! Did you wrap the moss sheet around the edges or just cut it the same dimensions as the letter?

    • Thank you! Yep, wrapped them around and glued the pieces to the back! The back ain’t pretty, but no one will ever know;)

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