Book Nook Update

So I celebrated my birthday recently, and when asked by my sweet husband what I would like for my birthday, I told him that a day out to go shopping while he stayed home with the kids would be just perfect. He was expecting me to go splurge on myself – some new clothes, perhaps some shoes, a handbag…nope. Not me. My idea of a glorious day out shopping can be summed up by one word: IKEA. Oh, Ikea…how I love thee. I could (and DID!) spend hours upon hours just walking all around. It’s such a treat to go to that store without my little darlings. Last time we were there, a few months ago, we were buying a couch, and let’s just say, 3 small children + a giant room of couches and beds = one frazzled mommy! They find it hilarious and fun to “test out” the furniture, while I’m trying to keep them from looking like monkeys leaping from one thing to the next. I felt like explaining to every passerby, that I DO know how to raise well-mannered children, regardless of what you see here. I mean, come on, what else is a 2, 3, and 4 year old gonna want to do in that situation, am I right? Please tell me I’m right, otherwise I may just be raising monkeys, and not aware of it.

Soooo…back to the point of all this. While I was at IKEA, I was finally able to pick up the missing pieces to my Book Nook in the kids’ playroom – those super cute spice racks that I’d seen on Pinterest. Talk about a crazy cheap and adorable solution to bookshelves. They’re only $4 each! I bought 4, so for $16, I have their books stored and on display – can’t beat that! I sprayed mine white, even though the natural state they come in is just as precious. But with our color paint down there, they needed a coat of bright white.


And while I was there, I also spotted these cute dot rugs.

Ok, talk about meant to be. The green matched the frames on the wall PERFECTLY. Aaaand those boxes that I use for their paper (if you missed that post, you can check it out here) are polka dots!! I mean, really! I wasn’t even thinking about either of those things when I snagged them – I just thought they’d love the fact that each of them gets their own rug, and for only $10 each, my rug dilemma is solved. Didn’t think I’d find a great rug for that spot for only $30! I was a little scared at first, for all you parents of more than one kid know, usually fights come about when there are three DIFFERENT colors – “I want to sit on red. No, I WANT RED! No, I WANT RED” and so on and so on. But I was pleasantly surprised. There have been ZERO fights in the past 2 weeks we’ve had them there. Whew!

So there’s my IKEA Love Story Book Nook Update! Happy Birthday to ME! 🙂

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