Because a Little Pink Ruffle is Always Fun

Soooo close to the end of my daughter’s room YOU GUYS!!!

Here’s one of the final touches we worked on last week – turning these sad, void-of-any-and-all-character windows:

adding molding to windows

…into these framed out, fun, girly ones!

framing out windows

A litttttle bit better, wouldn’t you say?

First, Mr. ND cut some molding and nailed it up. Slowly but surely, we’ve been doing this to all the windows in our house (gotta love the style in the ’60s!). Once upon a time, I did an entire post with all the deets on this, but it got lost in the Great Blog Hack of 2013, unfortunately:(

framing a window

Then, we hung the same shades we used in the Master Bath Reno. They’re a gauzy, airy, lovely white shade from Lowes (Style Selections). Not a lot of room-darkening quality, but this is our #1 sleeper’s room, and nothing phases her so I went with it;) ‘Cuz they’re just plain purdy.

framing out window

But I also bought them with the vision of adding some pop of color somewhere, somehow.

I wanted to glue pom-poms to the bottom. Thought that would be fun. But the colors at my fabric store were all wrong.

Then I spotted this lovely pink ruffly goodness in the ribbon aisle and knew immediately that was going home with me! It’s the same color as her pink bed, and would be just the right touch. Just cut it to size, and used my hot glue gun to attach a few inches at a time, pressing it firmly as I went…

gluing ribbon onto shades

And that was all she wrote!

gluing ribbon onto plain shades

I checked before I did this important step: that the ribbon wouldn’t get all messed up when I pull down the shade at bedtime – this was a perfect spot to glue, as it was completely unaffected. Wherever the shade is, it’s fine!

adding ribbon to shades

windows for little girl's room

Somebody is loving the finishing touches to her room! Even wanted to model for the blog…

adding ribbon to shades

We’re in trouble with this one! 🙂


  1. She is adorable! I know she must LOVE her room! So pretty and girlie. You have done a wonderful job.

    Happy Thanksgiving…

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