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So I’ve noticed that my Kitchen Beadboard Wallpaper Backsplash Post was generating a TON of spam for some reason – no idea why, but it was driving me batty! I had written the post about a year ago, when I was just beginning the kitchen makeover, and this was one of my favorite transformations. It’s so easy, so inexpensive, and makes such an impact! So I decided to do a little copy and pasting, and add some of the After pics of the kitchen in it’s completed stage…and by doing so, I can then delete the old spammy post for good;) Also, I thought this would be a good opportunity to let curious minds know that the wallpaper backsplash is holding up remarkably. We’ve had our share of food splatters and spills, but with the gloss white paint, it wipes right off. People are always in shock when they come over and hear that it isn’t the real deal! Highly recommend this product for those of you who would like a backsplash look, but don’t want to break the bank or spend a ton of time on this project.So here’s a bit of a repeat post, but for all those new friends we have, here it is!…

When I started this whole kitchen makeover, I knew this wasn’t going to be one of those major renovations, where we spend a lot of money, hire people to help us do the stuff we don’t know how to do, get new counters (I wish), new floors (I double wish). It was one of those things that start off in my head, don’t let me rest until I do something about it, but don’t have a huge budget kinda deals. You know, my specialty;). The kitchen wasn’t broke, so in my dear husband’s eyes, we didn’t need to fix it. (translation: I got the green light to make changes, as long as they didn’t involve us not being able to pay the mortgage, or school tuition, or grocery bill).

So not having a huge budget, and not having a huge amount of tools (or knowledge of said tools even if I had them), I came up with the idea of creating a beadboard backsplash…out of wallpaper. Yup. For $20 and a few hours this weekend, I have a ‘backsplash’ and no tools needed! ANYONE and I repeat, ANYONE can do this project, and it looks JUST like the real deal, people! I am a  huge enormous ginormous fan of this stuff.

Just for the fun of it, let’s take a walk down memory lane, to oh, about 3 days ago around this joint…








Ok, I lie. These pics were actually taken a long time ago, but I forgot to take pics of the space underneath the cabinets before I started going to town with the wallpaper. But this is still pretty much what it looked like 3 days ago.

Then I primed the space, all ready to get the wallpaper up. And I had an idea. In the not too distant future, I reeeealllly want a new countertop. Maybe butcher block. Maybe marble. Maybe something. I have no attachment whatsoever to our current one, so I asked my neighbor if she had a pry bar, and she did. And within seconds, this happened…The counter went from this:


To this:


To this:


And I had this:


So after a lot of spackling, a lot of sanding, and some (more) priming, I was ready to go with this:


I just thought the beadboard would look so much nicer going all the way down to the countertop, instead of stopping half-way because of that piece that went up the wall. Now, I don’t always think things through, so fortunately for me, I have people in my life who do. A friend stopped over that day and said to make sure I do something to keep water from going down the back of the counter, since I no longer have that protective piece. I had planned on getting some piece of molding, like a 1/4 round to fit in the seam there, and some silicone sealant (that dries clear) that we already have here to seal that puppy up. Problem solved;)

Alright, are you ready for these confusing, complicated steps for applying beadboard wallpaper? Fasten your seat belts, you’re in for it…
1. Cut your wallpaper to desired size.


2. Dunk it in water for 30 seconds (I filled my bathtub a couple inches and stuck it in there).
3. Fold both sides in, so the paste is touching (this is called ‘activating’ on the package instructions;)


4. Unfold, and stick it on the wall. I simply used my hand to work out all the bubbles, excess glue (there’s a LOT – be prepared to wipe, wipe, and wipe some more). Keep smoothing it out until it looks great.
5. Use a razor edge to remove excess wallpaper.
6. Just repeat these steps, and be sure not to overlap pieces. That’s it.
7. After 24 hours, paint whatever color you want! I used a gloss white. Here it is!




{**To read ALL the details on the Kitchen Makeover, check out the Reveal Post here**}
Notice the trim where the wall meets the counter:


Get this. Paul went out to pick up the molding this weekend, and came home with PVC molding – weatherproofed and used for outside!! I thought it was pretty smart of him – it’s mildew/water resistant – I’ve even tested it – juice spilled on the counter this morning and it was like it didn’t even get wet! So I figure that, with the strip of sealant, and we should be good to go. I mitered the edges, and used liquid nails to apply it. Worked fine, AND it’s already white – no painting! Can I get a woot woot! Thanks, honey. You kinda rock.

I can’t say enough about this wallpaper. So easy to apply, and looks so great. What an impact for such a small cost – the roll cost $19.97 at Lowe’s, and I’ve still got a ton left over.

Oh, and another bonus – the instructions said this paper all comes off in one sheet when ready to remove! So for crazy people like me, who change their mind every 5 seconds, and will probably want to do another makeover in the next 6-12 months, it’s a great alternative to a more permanent backsplash.

So if you’re looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive way to spruce up any area of your home, give beadboard wallpaper a try. Whoever thought of this wacky idea is a genius, I tell you. GENIUS!

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