Back and Mom and Dad’s: Painting Black Interior Doors

Recently I’ve been helping Mom and Dad spruce up their foyer. First, Mom had a $5 yard sale table that needed fixing up – remember this?

$5 table makeover

If you missed it, you can check out all the details here.

Well, we did just a couple other little things…that made a HUGE impact.

Found a new rug. At Target. On clearance. It was $25!?!!


I convinced them to go bold and paint their interior doors black.

You won’t believe what a little black paint and a new rug do to this space:

painting interior doors black

Are you ready?

Here it is now!

painting interior doors black


Really kicks it up a sophisticated notch, doesn’t it?

Here’s another shot of the before (you can see the table ‘before’ in here a little too):

budget foyer makeover


And now:

budget foyer makeover with black interior doors

They were a little scared it was going to be too dark – especially since there are three doors in that small space. But the trick is to go lighter with the rug, and brighten up the table. Not too dark, but what a punch!

budget foyer makeover

They both love how it turned out – even my very traditional father was a huge fan! {Whew} 😉

So for everything – the rug, the two samples of paint (one black for the doors, one cream for the table), this foyer “makeover” was under $35 and the space looks totally different now!)

budget foyer makeover

Painting interior doors is an easy, inexpensive way to make a huge impact in your home, yet often overlooked. The key is finding the right balance with your floors and walls – by lightening up the other parts of the foyer, the black doors were a perfect dramatic touch.

What CAN’T paint do?!





  1. Really nice, I’d love to do this!

  2. Love your blog and projects! What is the wall paint color

  3. What color and finish is the black paint? Did you buy paint primer in one?

  4. Your design ideas are amazing and I appreciate how it’s affordable to everyone!

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