Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

Oh goodness gracious. Has this been a CRAZY couple of weeks! Between back to school and birthdays, soccer for all three kids, oh, and about every doctor checkup (WHY would I schedule these for this week, is beyond me?!) I just might not make it until the weekend. Can’t wait for things to calm down and get back to my ND business that I’ve missed so much! I do love the lazy pool days of summer and having the kids home, but I have to admit…I am looking forward to some HomeGoods trips and painting the office! I feel like I’ve been such a bad little blogger lately, but I promise to kick it into gear. The last of the three kiddos starts school after Labor Day, so Mommy’s getting a little me time back into her schedule;). Yippee!

Speaking of those birthdays…our oldest just turned seven. Growing up way too fast for my liking, but they tend to do that it seems. Whether you like it or not, they just keep getting bigger??

She wanted to have some of her neighborhood buddies over for an arts and crafts party. Apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree with that one! Mini-me, I tell ya. So we hit up Michael’s, got lots of glitter and beads, paint and brushes, some other odds and ends, and were all set. Turned out to be a great party, she’s quite the party planner! She really did plan this all out, down to the snacks. Everything was pink – and she needed some “pink sparkly tulle” for the food table – no joke, this kid knows what she wants! We served pink punch (had to be in a glass bowl with a ladle so the girls could make their own cups), watermelon (pink), pink cupcakes with pink icing with pink sprinkles…are you sensing a theme? Yep. She’s just a *bit* of a girly girl. Oh, and popcorn/goldfish/pretzel sticks/mini marshmallow mix in a glass bowl. So that was the food….

Here’s what went down with the craft part…

We set up some of the older girls at the island, and the younger ones at a little table next to them. Since her sister is so close in age to her, they have some of the same friends, so it worked out great.

I gave them one thing to work on at a time, and everything else was set up at the dining room table.

I picked up a bag for each of them to place their finished products in as they finished, and the birthday girl wrote their names on them.

Definitely a wise decision on my part. There was no confusion of who’s craft it was, since everything just kept going in their bags.

We started with some wands. There was paint involved, so thought it would be best to start with the one that needed the longest to dry. These foam wands are a buck at Michael’s, and they girls had fun painting them, and sparkling them up with glitter and sequins! (In case you plan on hosting a party like this ever, little cups with glue in them and q-tips were lifesavers)

We put them in glasses to dry, so then we could start another craft!

Everyone had a wooden frame to decorate however they wanted. Some used markers, some used paint, some did a combination of everything. They were adorable.

I also scored a bunch of flip flops at Michael’s…for 49 cents! Hello! Thought that would be a perfect thing to fancy up. Picked up a bunch of sequin stickers, a bouquet of flowers (80% off – man, this end of the summer birthday is working for me!), and one at a time, they came to see me to hot glue the flowers on. So boring ol’ flip flops got jazzed up…

Oh! Don’t have any pics, but you can see E’s necklace there – the girls made bracelets and necklaces with beads also.

Then lastly, we grabbed a pack of plain white bookmarks. I stuck some yarn through the little holes, and the girls decorated them with all kinds of stuff

Top all this fun off with some cupcakes, and these girls had a ball!

Now, PLEASE, stop growing up so fast!

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