Another Yard Sale Goodie Makeover

Had a hard time coming up with a title for this one! Not sure what exactly this is, but I found this ugly tin thing-a-ma-jig at a yard sale a while ago for 50 cents. I gave it a little spray paint love, some stencils, and now have a cute container, er, something…whatevs, it’s cute, and looks nice above my cabinets at the moment;)

So it started like this…

Fifty cents, baby. Took it outside, laid it on an old tablecloth, and sprayed it with some flat white paint. Once it dried, I rubbed a little piece of sandpaper on it to give it a little ‘aged’ look. Brought it in when it dried and using a foam brush, I stenciled on EST. 2003 with some leftover blue paint I had laying around and voila!

The letters aren’t perfect, but I didn’t do any measuring or tracing, just dabbed over the stencils quickly. Patience is not my strong suit. 😉

Perfect little naptime project! Quick and painless…

Like I said, not sure what purpose it’s going to serve in the end, but for now I have it propped above my cabinets on display. Might be cute for some little potted herbs or something, too?

Love hunting for little diamonds in the rough like these! Oh, what a little spray paint can do;)

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