Another DIY Wedding Gift Idea: Personalized Plate

Here’s another quick DIY wedding gift idea for y’all! Are you ready? Here goes…

Grab a plate.
Spray paint it.
Stencil the couple’s name and wedding year around the rim.
Fill in with paint.
Add their initial in the middle in another color paint.

I actually made this as a birthday gift for my cousin/friend (she’s both!), and when I was finished I thought, Huh. In my head this sounded like a great idea, but this seems much more like a wedding gift now. Wouldn’t this be cute for some newleyweds?!

I chose colors I thought would work in their home. I know they have red walls, so I went from there. The plate came from my stash of yard sale/thrift store finds, but you could even pick a plate up at the Dollar Store and use that! I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of that step, but just take a plate outside, and spray it a few times. Easy peasy. The color here is Krylon Pebble in satin finish – it’s a beige-y gray. I like to use satin finish when I’m stenciling, because it’s forgiving. If you mess up, you can actually erase the marks and no harm done.

Then use stencils to write their name along the top. Just trace with pencil, and do the same with the year they got married along the bottom.

Then I took my itty bitty paintbrush and filled it in with black acrylic paint.

I didn’t have a B big enough, so I printed one out off my computer, cut it out, and traced it. Just be careful to center it/line it up with the name and date. I filled it in with some red acrylic paint. And that’s IT!

They can hang it on the wall, or use a plate stand and show it off on a bookshelf or counter.

So now you have the DIY chalkboard wedding gift and now this. Hope they help you during wedding season! 😉

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