And Another One Bites the Dust: Open Shelves

Ok, so I’m LOVING my open shelves. So much that yet ANOTHER closed cabinet has now been exposed.

Yup. Can’t help myself. But in my defense, the other (upper) cabinets on this wall were open, and this little closed up guy on the end just looked like he wanted to join the party. See what I mean?

Please excuse the keepin’ it real shot here – don’t mind the measuring tape, papers, box of crackers, paint, and spackle sitting out…But you see that end cabinet just wanting to bust loose?

Here he is, in all his busted loose glory now…

Again, please excuse the stuff on the shelves – I just used what I had, but I plan on prettifying it a lot more, once I get my hands on some goodies:)

Just for fun, let’s take a little trip down Memory Lane and see how these cabinets have changed over the past few months…
From this:

Jersey Cream Paint, all closed

to this:

White paint, one closed (but still with bar down center)

to this:

White paint, both open, both bars removed and molding added

And to the left of the window…

From this:

Dark red paint on wall, Jersey Cream on closed cabinets

to this:

Pale blue walls, white open cabinets, bar removed

Things are opening up around here…literally! Help me, I can’t stop! 😉 But in all seriousness, that should be IT on the open shelves…I don’t think I’m neat enough to expose what’s behind those other closed cabinets! No, I KNOW I’m not;)

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