50 Cent Tray. That’s Right.

I know, back to back posts – what the what? But this is such a quick project, I thought I’d just take the few minutes to post about it just in case anybody’s going yard saling tomorrow (which, if you are, lucky duck! I’ll be spending the day to and from soccer games and team pictures x3 – not that I’m complaining, but a day spent yard saling is pretty much perfection;). Just one of my ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ posts, and hopefully inspires some of you to grab that 50 cent thing-a-ma-jiggy because with a coat of spray paint, it could be totally rockin’.

So here’s what I’m talking about.

Found this white wicker tray at a yard sale a while back. I paid FIFTY CENTS for it. It’s a nice size, and while it was chipping and looked very, um, loved, I knew with a few minutes and a can of spray paint, it would be a nice little tray. You can’t really tell how icky it was in this picture, but trust me. It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t sure where it was going in my house, but for fifty freaking cents, I had to grab it.

So wiped it clean, got rid of all the dust bunnies and so on, laid it on an old towel outside, and within a couple minutes, I had a ‘new’ gray tray! Looked brand new! I chose gray a) because I had it!, and b) because I didn’t know where it was going, and gray would work pretty much anywhere in my house!

I ended up putting it in my white table – the one that I just moved over to sandwich between the chevron chairs…

It houses some books at the moment.

Can’t beat a 50 cent tray, am I right?! So if you’re hittin’ up some yard sales tomorrow morning, keep an eye out – and don’t forget what a little spray paint can do! 🙂

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