$5 Peep Wreath

I’ve been seeing these adorable peep wreaths all over Pinterest and have always wanted to try one. I’ve seen all kinds – all one color, multi-color, in a nice neat circle, in a not-so-neat circle – love ’em all.

I finally picked up some materials to make one last week. I hit the Dollar Tree, and spent five bucks. And this is what I got!


As you can see, I went the one color/not-so-neat circle route. While I’ve seen all these wreaths on Pinterest, I’ve never actually clicked on one to read how they’re made, so I ‘wung’ it.  Which apparently is a word I’ve made up, since Spellcheck has it highlighted. Really? Could’ve sworn it was a word. I say it all the time….woops. I digress…back to the wreath I wung…

I picked up a foam wreath – the only size they have is a smallish one, and it’s super thick. Wasn’t sure if it was gonna work, but I figured for a buck it was worth a try. I also grabbed some wide yellow ribbon (it’s back in the baby gift section – like where they have gift bags, etc). Some peeps, and that was it. I used 3 1/2 packages of peeps – the 8 count packs. That’s the only size my Dollar Tree sells. You could make due with only 3 packs though.


You’ll see toothpicks in the photo there. I had those already, and decided to try using them to secure the peeps instead of hot glue, which is what I originally planned on trying out.

So that’s all you need:

-a foam wreath

-wide ribbon to cover the wreath



Wait! I lie. You’ll also need a bread knife.


Confused? Let me explain. I decided the wreath would be too thick, and wanted to trim it down. Enter the bread knife.


Sawed that puppy like it was a cake! Worked great, and then I had the perfect size wreath.

I unwrapped the ribbon and stuck a toothpick in the back to secure it onto the foam wreath, and started wrapping. The spool was the perfect amount of ribbon, so I simply stuck another toothpick in the back when I was done.


Then I just started sticking those peeps in there! Here’s what I learned: I think stale peeps would work better. I was dealing with fresh out of the package, and they’re smooshy, you know? Once they’re nice and stale (which, by the way, is the ONLY way I ate them as a child – seriously. The Easter Bunny knew (imagine that!) and would purposely unwrap mine ahead of time so they’d be good and crunchy on Easter morning. God love that woman – er- I mean, bunny), they just work better, I would imagine. But they still worked in their smooshy state, obviously;)


I didn’t know if I was gonna go all pretty and line them up in a circle, but in the end, went for the haphazard look. I like it!


Now, I ‘splurged’ and picked up an extra roll of ribbon to hang this on our dining room mirror. So technically, I suppose it’s a $6 wreath, my apologies. I didn’t want to hang it on our front door and have it melt all over the place, or welcome a lot of critters to the door for a tasty treat! It’s definitely an indoors wreath. I plan on spraying it with protective clear spray paint, like I’ve done on all my other edible wreaths – that conversation heart wreath is two years old and STILL has yet to attract any kind of ants or other pests, thank goodness! But even if this would, I figure, it’s $5 and doesn’t take long to make, so even if you only have yours for one spring/Easter season, no harm done really, am I right?


So there you have it! I FINALLY made the famous peep wreath, and I love the bright pop of yellow it brings to the room. So springy! And what’s better than Springy?



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