That Summer We Let Go…

Long time, no blog, huh? This is typically my ‘off-season,’ since the kids are off school, but this year it seems to be even more so. I mean, there a MILLION and one projects waiting here for me – our family room is a hot mess, what with the wall coming down in early June (or was it May? Geesh, can’t even remember!), and scheduled upcoming craft nights…and yet I don’t seem to be doing one. single. thing.

Or have any motivation to do anything about it.

Summer has taken over. And we’re loving every minute of it. It’s been probably my favorite summer since we became a family and I think it’s because of one thing:

We Let Go.


Of plans.

Of bedtime.

Of schedules.

Of strict eating habits. (Snowballs for lunch? Why not?)

Of chores.


Of guilt that I’m not blogging enough or doing enough or getting anything done around here.

Because you know what? Summer is SHORT. And the projects and the blog will be right here come August 24th, when the house is quiet again.

So I decided this year, I’m just gonna let it all go.

And it’s made this summer AWESOME.

You know what letting go of plans does? It allows for spur-of-the-moment cookouts. And last minute beach trips. And Wednesday night crab feasts. And Friday pizza nights at the pool. And days just popping over your brother’s house and ending up running in the sprinkler and playing cornhole until 10 o’clock at night…


It allows for lazy mornings walking the Farmer’s Market, and making peach cake with my helpers.


But most importantly, it allows us all the chance to recharge. Because the school year is CRAZY. And often times, it just feels like we’re going, going, going. But Summer…it’s like life’s pause button, where we all just get to breathe.


And that’s such a beautiful thing.

The other day, we were leaving the pool and one of the kids asked what day it was. And we ALL had to think for a minute! I got in the car and smiled because that is exactly what I wanted for my kids this summer, and it’s happened. For them to lose track of days and be kids while they can. Because it seems to be flying by all too fast…but these memories will be there forever.

I hope you all have a lovely, recharging rest of Summer – and take a minute to let go. All the rules and routines will be here soon enough. It’s amazing what it does to your soul when you do. Funny, isn’t it – how emptying the Summer can make it so full.

(And I will be here with TONS of projects in the Fall as the new family room makeover gets underway! Thanks for sticking with me during this blog lull – I promise to make it up to you! XO)



  1. Colleen Limbacher says:

    It all goes by so quickly…..enjoy!!!

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