Quick and Easy Spring Decorating…We’re Talking Minutes Here, People

I couldn’t hold out any longer. It was 64 degrees here this weekend.

The stores are all bright and cheery and coral and aqua and yellow and there’s just so. much. adorableness. happening.


spring decorating

I *may* look like something out of the Stepford Wives here, but I just could not leave it at the store. (Marshalls, for inquiring minds. $9.99. You’re welcome).

I packed up the pinecones and said helllllooooo SPRING!

Yes, I’m aware it’s February. We could very well still get a blizzard in Maryland, but I’m going with it.

And it took me all of about ten minutes to Spring-ify my winter white family room. You don’t have to go crazy to feel like winter might not last forever. (Because really, it does start feeling that way this time of year, amIright?)

Let’s start with that pitcher in the Stepford Wife pic above. I look like I’m carefully perfecting each stem, don’t I?


These are beautiful fake-out flowers from Michaels. I bought a couple bunches, stuck them in a pitcher I had.

I swapped them out with the wintery branches…

January decor

and here we are!

Spring decor

Whew! I’m exhausted.

I also swapped out the greens in my mantel box for white hydrangeas and some fake grass (had both in my Spring bin)…

spring decor

…and also added my DIY Bunny Garland I made last year.

spring decor

Still with me?

I swapped (sensing a theme here? LOTS OF SWAPPING. That’s really all this is..) MORE pinecones out of the glass lamp and stuck in some Springy filler (from Michaels a couple years ago)…

spring decor

…and basically anywhere there were Christmas greens and berries, I stuck some sort of tulip or flower…

spring decor

I did however, do something different on the coffee table this year. I replaced the shallow silver bowl – this one –

spring decor

with a tray that seems to float around this house whenever I need it;) I stuck a couple glass vases I had on there, a little birdie, and I think I like it!

spring decor

spring decor

So that’s about it!

To sum up:



Happy Spring Decorating, everyone! XO

spring decor


  1. Love the apron! That color looks wonderful on you…I’m serious, you look like a model! Your home looks lovely as well.

  2. Funny comment about the Stepford Wives photo. I thought so, too, although you truly look beautiful in it!

  3. Haley Wietharn says:

    Are the vases a recent purchase? Just wondering where you found them. Love your blog and love the pic, I think you look great!

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